Japan 2013: Day 11 Roaming Around Tokyo Part 5

DAY 11 (CON’T)

Had no where else to go after dinner …… but while waiting for my food to arrive, whipped out my iPad from my bag and did some study of the metro/train maps.

Personal view of mine – anytime before 10pm is always too early to end off the night especially when you are overseas …… and so realised that from Hamamatsucho, it is just 3 stops from Daimon Station (Toei subway station right beside Hamamatsucho) to Roppongi – which means it is more than possible for me to pop by Tokyo Midtown for its signature Midtown Christmas illumination/light-up. And best of all, the Roppongi (Toei) station is just right outside Tokyo Midtown itself unlike the Metro station which is nearer to Mori Tower side.  Saw it last year and loved it, only slight bummer was lack of pictures as my camera battery died halfway. Why didn’t I think of that earlier, ah ……

And so after dinner, got back to Hamamasutcho and instead of exiting on the South side as I always do, headed towards the North exit instead, crossed the road and viola, Daimon Station is right there. Toei, being a private subway line, meant that the station is many many levels underground (as I keep going down on multiple escalators in order to reach the ticketing floor, and then another 1-2 more escalators to the platform proper) + having fewer traffic/commuters as compared to the more popular Tokyo Metro and JR Lines. Anyway a 170 JPY fare for 3 stops is not that expensive given that it stops right at Tokyo Midtown as compared to Tokyo Metro (which I could have changed at one of the JR lines). And so 15 mins later, around 1020 Hrs, it was back to Tokyo Midtown and the Midtown Christmas Illumination!

Instead of walking from the front of Tokyo Midtown (as I did for my previous visit), this time round, cut through from the building and onto the left side of the buildng where some of the trees behind the building are lighted up.

2014-05-25 22.07.08

There were also some nice light-ups on route to the centrepiece attraction – Starlight Garden. But as I have taken shots of those back in my last trip, skipped photo taking on this and headed straight towards the garden. As I reached, it was just in time for the start of a new show/light-up! (Note: The light-up and the accompanying music repeats in every 5 to 10 min intervals)

Processed with Moldiv

Lights out for the 2nd half of the ‘show’ ……

2014-05-25 22.31.53

Did 1 round the garden. Same display …… but from the other end of the garden. The amazing thing about this display is that it utilises 280,000 LED lights to create that starry blue effect! Definitely one of the best illuminations I have ever seen ……

2014-05-25 22.36.03

And so after a 10 min walk around the Starlight Garden, that’s the end. Satisfied to be able to see this light-up for the 2nd time, despite not really feeling Christmas as yet as it is still November.


Went back to the 24 Hour supermarket ‘Precce Premium‘ to get the small bites/snacks and the Japanese jelly that I bought during my last trip …… and had a great response amongst my family members. Then finally, its time to head back to hotel for a much needed rest (and packing) before my flight tommorrow morning!

Ending off my last night in Japan/Tokyo with my favourite hotel room supper – Suntory Premium Malt Beer + Fried Fish (bought earlier at Tokyu’s food hall at Shibuya)!


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