Japan 2013: Day 12 Heading Home


After ending the day late last night (my last night in Tokyo as well), plus having packed my luggage all the way till 1+ in the morning ….. abandoned all thoughts of waking up at 5+ to travel down to Tsukiji Market for sushi breakfast (Note: Tsukiji is just 3 stops from Daimon via the Toei Odeo Line).

The ‘target’ was to reach Haneda Airport around 0845 Hrs (estimate 2 hours before fly off time at 1045 Hrs) …… which means I have to check out and leave the hotel by 0815 latest – to factor in walking to Hamamatsucho (to take the Tokyo Monorail) + the 20-odd minute Monorail journey to Haneda Airport. (Sidenote: One of the key reasons why I chose a hotel at Hamamatsucho was the convenience of having the Monorail direct to Haneda) …… So given such near proximity, ended up snoozing my alarm and waking up at 0745 Hrs! Quickly got changed, did one last check of luggage and belongings and managed to leave the hotel around 0825 Hrs to began the walk back to Hamamatsucho with 3 bads in tow (main luggage + foldable bag for food shopping + my usual sling bag).

Managed to do some rackeying the night before and found an entrance to the Monorail platform at Hamamatsucho without having to climb stairs. Which in this case, is to enter via World Trade Centre! Why didn’t I discover this route earlier 😛 …… so managed to made it to the Monorail station in 15 min (as advised by the hotel reception, the walk should take around 10 min. Only minus is that they didn’t tell me clearly the exact route to take and the entrance, so a slight minus once again for the Villa Fontaine staff). The Tokyo Monorial station had many many escalators that were very narrow in size (so narrow that I have to place my luggage in front of me) and had to go one by one before I got to the actual platform …… and then the 20+ odd min journey to Haneda, and I ended up reaching at around 0915 Hrs.

The airport was pretty empty for a early Monday Morning.


As I have already done the online check-in via Cathay Pacific website 48 hours before fly-off, all I needed to do just to drop off my luggage. No quenes as well so it was a breeze, except for 1 thing ……


Overweight luggage! 2kg more than Cathay Pacific’s stipulated limitof 20kg. I suppose after 11 days in Japan, with all the shopping (the extra bag itself is already 5kg), 20kg is not really sufficient. Anyway the ground staff (a nice Japanese lady) attending to me was so kind to waive off the additional baggage charges. One-up for Cathay Pacific! (Sidenote: Need to write a commendation email when back home)

Got some Royce chocolates at the Royce boutique before going into the Departure Gate. No quenes as there were not many international flights flying out Haneda around this time. Not much shops and restaurants inside the Departure area (the main shopping areas – Edo Town and Tokyo Pop Town are on level 4 and 5 respectively) …… but managed to find a restaurant to sit down and get some breakfast.

My breakfast/last meal in Tokyo – Chicken Chazuke. It is actually hot tea poured over the rice (with chicken). Interesting combo as this is my first time having tea poured over rice. For a breakfast meal, it does not feel heavy at all. Nice!


More omiyage shopping (mainly for Shiroi Kobito biscuits) and one last coffee before I board the flight!


Same as my fly-in, the journey back home includes a transit at Hong Kong Airport. And this time round, managed to finish off the last 15 min of Cold Eyes (recap: Day 1) via the on-flight entertainment …… with enough time to rewatch it a 2nd time + watch another movie as well, heh ……

There was about 3 1/2 hours before the return flight to Singapore at 2000 Hrs. Did had some thoughts about venturing out to Citygate (relatively near to the airport) for a quick exploration, but since I read online (prior to departure) that 3 1/2 hours stopover is way too short to travel into the city and back, plus the fact that I ended up going through the transit gate (rather than the immigration gate that leads to the arrival hall) …… this meant that I’m much better off just staying in the airport itself having a meal and enjoying the wifi. Just as well since I had 1 big shopping bag (from Haneda Airport) in tow with me and I don’t fancy lugging it around Citygate/HK mainland as well 😛

Having tried Tsui Wah during the last stop-over, decided this time round to check out the noodles joint next to Tsui Wah – Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop. When in HK, their signature wanton noodles is the way to go!


A pretty small bowl at HKD$45, with only 3 small wontons but I suppose its a nice change after all the Japanese food 😛 …… There was also little need to overly fill my stomach as there will be dinner served on the return flight as well.

The shops at the Departure Gate don’t really interest me, so spent the remainder of my time waiting, catching up on my whatsapp, my Appa Odiga videos on my iPad (airport wifi rocks!) …… And saw a beautiful sunset while waiting. Unlike the past 11 days, sunset in Hong Kong happens later at around 6 to 615pm.

2013-11-25 17.48.58

Just travelling in the skies took a good 1 day as I reached Singpaore on 0005 Hrs to mark the end of my holiday!


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