Food Mission: Milkissimo @ Westgate

Didn’t have a good May, and made to feel worse by some lousy/annoying people. So a sweet desserts fix is in order!

Have read about the Japanese Sweets Collection Fair by Isetan, and happening right in Isetan Westgate itself (my territory in the western part of Singapore, heh). Essentially, what Isetan has done was to bring in a selection of Japan’s ‘best-of-the-best’ pastries and desserts. Out of the food outlets showcased, of particular interest to me was Milkissimo – a Hokkaido based gelato chain. Saw rave reviews about Milkissimo at Daniel Food Diary and a few other food blogs …… and after hearing that they will only be in Singapore for a limited time period, all the more to check it out!

Better still, stopped by Westgate on the very last working day of May (Friday 30th May) for this much needed sweet fix to bring me out of my may ‘blues’ as personally, I’m a firm believer in having your favourite coffee/drink/dessert/food for either celebration or to distract attention from unhappy stuff that bothers you! Timing was also right as the notice at the cashier counter indicated that their last day in Singapore was on 6th June 2014!

Back to the ice-cream itself, Milkissimo takes a japanese spin on the traditional italian gelato (more milk used than the traditional ice-cream, thus giving it a smoother and creamier flavour) with its use of the finest milk from Hakodate (a major port city in Hokkaido with strong western influences). On the website itself (linked above) …… its slogan reads ‘Real gelato meets at 41 degrees north latitude’, which states the connection between Rome and Hakodate itself. Very creative and well thought-out!


Many assorted flavours, with Milk being one of their most popular flavours. There is also green tea (made of uji green tea) and sakura flavours unique to Japan (not in picture collage). Did try them out and it was not so much to my personal palate, despite the gelato itself not losing any of its creamy milk taste and smooth-ness.


Given that Milkissimo is a non-permanent fixture, and it being imported from Japan, and thus even pricier than normal retail ice-cream ($4-6 for a single scoop Baskin Robbins versus $6 for a single scoop of Milkissimo), decided to get a double scoop so as to try out more flavours. After all, its just $1.5 more …… and makes way more sense than $6 for a single scoop! Being some traditionalist, opted for the popular Milk flavour (where I get to enjoy the Hakodate milk in its full glory) and the fondant chocolate (I love my chocolates)!


A delicious ice-cream is one which is smooth, milky and creamy, without making the eater feel sinful and overly sweet/jelat. And I am happy to say Milkissimo fits all criteria šŸ˜€ …… And I can see Milkissimo having a place in Singapore’s crowded ice-cream landscape given its quality. Despite being well-known in Japan itself, only heard of it back here in Singapore, and the only country they have expanded out of is Hong Kong (will check it out when I’m there).


Isetan Westgate, B2 Supermarket
Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532
(Right beside Jurong East MRT Station)


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