Some Snapseed Magic

Ever since I finished up my last blogging project – which is my 12 day Japan trip last year, have not done much serious blogging, be it reflection entries, daily slice of life, picture/photo entries etc. as I was admittedly in a bad slump in June.

Really miss sitting down, recollecting my thoughts and touching up pictures (and playing around with various effects while editing them) …… so on my way to the gym yesterday afternoon while on the MRT, decided to pick out one photo to ‘play’ around with!


This was the walk through the famous ‘Bamboo Groves’ during my visit to Arashiyama last year when I was in Kyoto.

Had found the original picture to be a little dull in colour so decided to do some editing via Snapseed. Compiled the edited pictures into collage form.


1st did some colour & contrast adjustment, before adding on saturation (in order to bring out the green colour) & shadows …. Then added on a tilt shift in the 2nd picture for a ‘blurring’ effect …. Then added on a black-and-white filter for some contrast & difference in perspective!


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