Dream Interpretation 解梦: Feeling Lost

It has been a while since I woke up at my usual time (between 0830 to 0930 Hrs) …… and drifted back to sleep again as a result of a dream.

To some, dreams may be random. But I have always thought that its appearance once in a blue moon is more than random i.e. it has the purpose of ‘reminding’ us of something/some issue that we need to deal with/face up to at some point in our lives.

For my case, my dream was about me & 2 other girls attending a seminar, and walking out together for a toilet break. Somehow or another, I spilt ways with the 2 other girls, and end up finding myself going round …. and round …. and round the entire building (a high rise building), to the point that I ended up outside the building, before finally finding a way back inside to the seminar room that I intended to go back to.

When I finally got up for good (around 1130 Hrs), the very 1st thing I did was to search up various dream intepretation websites on my phone (before the dream gets lost somewhere in memory). Found one that fits best to my dream from psychic library – http://psychiclibrary.com/beyondBooks/lost-dreams. Also instragrammed it ……


Amo, amo! Time to seriously face up to my fears/frustrations and procrastination issues.


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