Drama Musings: I Need Romance Series

If some of you might have noticed, sometime this year, I have added on another page listing the dramas that I have watched this year to date. On average, I have averaged around 1 new drama per month (pretty productive as compared to year 2013). This streak has come to somewhat of a halt (co-incidentally together with my slump) after pratically watching and finishing up Golden Cross live.

Anyway this blog is not a drama review/overview by any means. Rather while randomly surfing on my iPad, I came across this dramafever write-up on the main writer for the I Need Romance series which was on tvN (a cable channel in Korea owned by the CJ group). Most of the korean dramas that were shown on our television screens when the Korean Wave was booming were mainly dramas from the big boys that were free-to-air (namely MBC, SBS and KBS). If my memory serves me correctly, I have never watched a cable drama until I started on I Need Romance 3 earlier this year.

Some differences I noted based on my experience of watching I Need Romance 3

* Shorter episode times (45 mins versus the usual 55 mins). This makes the plot go faster with minimal dragging and unnecessary subplots.

* More ‘provocative’ and ‘frank’ approach to love, relationships, and sex.

* Lesser censorship pressure (since its cable) thus more creative and broad-based approach to plot lines. The Reply Me series (which I have not watched a single episode of) is a good example in point.

After reading through the said article here, I really appreciate the script-writer’s perspective on women and their relationships (given thatI am also a woman in my 30s) …… and now I look foward to her next work – Discovery of Romance, which will be on KBS this August!


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