Ending Off The Week

We have a 5 week month again (since 1st July began on a Tuesday and 31st July is on a Thursday). So we have 1 more week before July comes to an end! Before that a long weekend as Monday is Hari Raya Puasa.

Struggled with a bad bad cough for the good part of last week …… to the point that there was hardly any focus/meaningful energy put into work matters – which meant that work activities took a great backseat. Mediocre/lousy week overall 😦

And so started off the week with combined branch Annual Goal Setting Day!

This is the 4th year in a row we are having it as 3 branches combined. So in a way, it does feel like going through the motions all over again. Didn’t feel good through out the day, as the roaring cold air-con in the Training Room kept making me cough and cough *argh* However one good thing about this year’s programme was that there was significantly less ‘sponsored’ talks (from various product providers which we are obligated to give airtime) as we only had 1 provider for the entire day …… and more sharing from the company’s senior management + adviser sharing. Which made the day a more meaningful one than expected. Despite feeling slightly negative about it from the onset, at the end of the it, now I feel more motivated to not just fill in the booklet, but also integrate it together with the daily tracking as per our weekly branch PPI (focus group) format. Task for the weekend!

In addition to being sick, also felt irriated about my long bangs …… and so, went down to my regular salon in Bugis to get it trimed. Decided against an overall hair trim as I may want to do it in HK instead. So another item down! Then did a quick catch-up with JT at Paris Baguette in Bugis Junction – the space where Paris Baguette is used to be where J.Co donuts were. Quick a shocker I must say as the whole B1 of BJ got re-modelled for the upteenth time ……

Since I still had signs of niggling cough upon waking up on Tuesday morning, decided to lug my laptop to office so that I can go back to office to catch up on some work after product launch in the afternoon. Nothing majorly eventful …… but got to know 2 reps from O branch better as we went to have lunch at Level 7 A Office πŸ™‚

After having my sleep disrupted by incoming whatsapp throughout the night and early in the morning, decided to go back to sleep,thus skipping A sales gym (2nd session that I registered and subsequently skipped) ….. and ended up waking up at 1115 hrs! That’s grossly late for once and thus my day started late. Was eagerly to get back onto pace where work is concerned so decided to head into office, and probably stay late for once. Reached Tanjong Pagar MRT a little after 2 …… and since I am sick of eating the same old stuff at Amoy, decided to just walk the other direction to Tanjong Pagar Market & Food Centre as there should be less crowds post lunch. And so, finally got to eat this stall (which always has long quenes for its fish/seafood/fish maw soup) ……


Had the seafood soup together with noodles (they use instant noodles kind of yellow mee). The soup is light and delish, and for $3.50, its a steal. Will be back to try the fish maw and abalone soup next time.

Back to my usual Thursday routine – early start and my usual spin class on Thursday evening. Managed to make some calls to finally get some work activities going and finished up a blog rant (on my private financial blog) on a troublesome client which has been in the drafts folder since the week before. Took things easy as it was a Fat Burn ride …… but at least it feels good to be back doing some proper exercise after that troublesome cough πŸ™‚

Had to do appointment preparation so was back in office on Friday afternoon …… which makes it a full 5 day week in office (including Goal Setting)! Somewhat unplanned but strangely in a way, I’ve got more done as compared to the past couple of weeks (which co-incided with my slump). This calls for a rethink in planning out my work week and office time, hmm …… Food for thought indeed! Ironically was pretty unhappy with my average/mediocre chickren rice lunch so went back to the mini steamboat stall for my favourite Salted Vege With Beancurd & Meat Mini Steamboat set for a great warm comforting dinner (which is also great value for money at $4.50 only) to end off the evening.

Woke up on Saturday morning to an incoming whatsapp from a MIA client. Pleasant surprise that as ironically, I had the same client on my to-call list, which I have not gotten down to contacting yet. Guess we will get in touch after the Hari Raya Hols πŸ™‚ …… Sunday meeting got postponed to the following weekend though, but well, still glad I did the necessary prepration work the day before (Friday) and not waited to do only after confirming timing – because it is better to do your job properly without rushing through and cutting through corners as I take pride in a job well done. After much thought, decided to get 1 sms sent out as well …… done my part, leaving the rest to faith/the person up there.

On a more positive note, finally managed to find a block of time in the morning and finally managed to get my weekly motivational audio done up. Gained great insights once again – particularly on buildng tiny habits. From my experience with calling and setting meetings/appointments this week, I realised that I will greatly need to increase the calls made …. to get more meetings/activities going. And so, the ‘tiny habit’ I’m going to work on for the coming week is to have a long specific list of people to call …… and gradually overcome my caller’s block. And also, the importance of ending off the week well. Thus 1st things 1st – will wrap up all outstanding items before Sunday comes to a close, rather than drag it and carry foward to the next week, which is a bad habit of mine.

Last but not least, 2 beautiful background shots from the momentum dashboard on my Chrome browser to end off the week!


Ironically for both dashboards, they both end off with the same quote:

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity no matter how impressive their other talents. – Andrew Carnegie

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