PH Went Greater Than Expected


Initially was fretting slightly at having NO business appointment scheduled for the Hari Raya Public Holiday. However decided to make use of this ’empty’ slot to catch up on a quick workout (more to kickstart the habit again & to get back to 2 workouts for this week post cough + get started on swimming) + finish up on the online compliance trainings (did the AML one on Mon morning ….. left with anti bribery & fair dealing).

So made it to gym around 2 after dily-dalying around a fair bit at home (as usual a bad habit of mine). Inspired decision to gym at Bugis. Despite the jam packed MRT trains, Bugis gym was pretty empty – which meant that I was able to get in my short workout (mainly the cross trainer + some abs exercises) in fast (since no time wastaed quening for machines).

Left the gym around 3pm after a quick shower …… and then proceeded to burn the next 45 min to 1 hour going 1 big round Bugis Junction, then Bugis+ to hunt for something to eat. As it was a very very late lunch, and given its closeness to dinner time, I usually try to take something more moderate – as opposed to a fulll meal. Original intention was to check out Dolce Tokyo that was newly opened on level 3 – but found nothing really interesting on the menu. Didn’t mind using some of my vouchers for another meal at Platypus again but no pasta for today as there’s some leftover at home. Linked through the bridge to Bugis+ …… found nothing to eat once again. Thought of having Popeye’s at Bugis Village instead but probably better to stay away from fried fast food for now.

So went back to Bugis Junction basement and settled on the newly opened Kotsujiru Nabe Osaka Osho outlet as there was minimal crowd. Had a couple of misgivings about Osaka Osho (despite JC’s raving) as I found their fried gyozas to be average at best – considering that they charge restaurant prices. But I guess have to take the plunge for once …… since it is a soup based gyoza, which is a different concept where Japanese style gyozas are concerned

Sidenote: How come I didn’t come across this soup gyoza in my last 2 Japan trips?? Nevermind.


*Edited using Vintique filter

Chose the miso kimchi soup with dumpling + additional pork slices – the combo of miso and kimchi itself made an interesting and flavourful combination for sure. The soup itself was indeed tasty …… but such a strong combo also meant that it is more on the salty side (the MSG could be addictive for some though, in my view). As for the dumplings, it is more like the Japanese take on chinese style dumplings (饺子). Only difference is that they make it more chewy (and mochi like, with sticker fillings). And for $10.90, it was a way smaller bowl than shown in the pictures. But I counted around 5 dumplings in the soup itself. All in all, it did manage to exceed my expectations after my rather average view of Osaka Osho fare to date.

Headed home right after my meal …… and feels good to laze around my bed as the post workout achne starts to creep into my legs (the very feeling I lurveeee. Heh!). On the workfront, received 1 request from a client – which means something new to work on …… plus also heard from a client that MIA recently – which means lunch is on! And completed up the remainder of the online compliance training ….. and writing this blog. Not too bad a day after all!


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