Back From Hols ….. And Rejuvenated!

Finally a post holiday entry ….. and about time as well to kick-start a new blogging project.

It has been a busy August – with work activities ramping up, followed by a much-needed holiday break out of Singapore. Have been back since Monday evening. This time last week (the last weekend) – was in Hong Kong and Macau. And one week later, after being back in Singapore, we are already in the last weekend of August. Time really just guzzes by in a whizz! Can’t even recall what I have been doing back in Singapore from the moment I touched down on Monday evening – sleep lots (yay! shifting towards an earlier bedtime post trip) …… slowly unpacking my luggage …… follow up on some work …… had branch meeting & 1-2-1 on Friday (yesterday) …… dinner cum catch-up with D …… and Viola! Weekend liao!

Anyway nothing much planned today. Will attend Sept’s Financial Literacy Workshop instead …… so this weekend will mainly be catching up on my readings, work, and yes, this week I’ll get to catch some F1 action live after missing out on Spa last week. And also upload my camera photos before I start blogging. And if I’m feeling alright, a short gym session as well 🙂



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