Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 1 Wet & Grey Hong Kong Part 1


The week before, and the start of the week (Mon & Tues) before I flew off were pretty busy and insane, as always pre-hols. Ended up really packing my luggage only the night before, and also clearing some papers from my work bag till 1+am. Little wonder that I still managed to get up to my alarm at 0610Hrs (slept so deeply that I almost did not wake up :P) …… and got a ride from sis to the aiport.

Nevertheless a sense of relief …… and ‘peace’ set in the moment I reached the airport around 0800 Hrs 🙂


Passed through immigration, only to realise that the portable wifi that I ordered the day before had to be collected from the Arrival Hall. Apparently the Departure Hall doesn’t have an interconnected link to the Arrival Hall. However the ground staff at Changi Airport helped out by getting the person from Telecom Square to deliver the portable wifi set to the staff entrance area. Kudos to the aiport staff *grateful*

A pretty full flight. Unlike my previous flight with Cathay Pacific last year to Japan, this time round, the in-flight entertainment catalouge had way less interesting movies. However discovered an old TVB series under the drama series section – 刑事偵緝檔案 …… so entertained myself with that throughout my flight. Lunch was really early at around 1115 to 1130 Hrs. If my memory serves me right, this time round they had Haagen Dazs ice-cream and it was yummy!


Flight reached slightly late at around 1415 Hrs (and that is including circling around the Changi Airport runaway for a good 20 to 30 mins before final take off). Spent quite a bit of time going through immigration and exchanging for my Airport Express Travel Pass (pre-ordered online) – which includes 2 Airport Express Journeys and 3 days of unlimited MTR travel …… before finally boarding the Airport Express on route to Hong Kong Station. And subsequently, a cab to SM’s place in Mid-Levels. All admist the rain and grey skies immediately upon landing down – no pictures as I was holding on to so many things 😛

Reached SM’s place around 1545 Hrs. Not before a slight confusion with her apartment building security guard on the keys (but managed to locate it in the end). Put down my stuff and took a short rest before heading out again.

Since lunch was really really early at 11+ ….. the first immediate thing to do next is to hunt for some food to cure my rumbling stomach. Let the ‘long’ walk from SM’s place begin ……



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