Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Foreword

Time to start up a new series of travel blogs (before August comes to a close) and keep the blogging momentum going into September 😛

Decided to just do short trips this week after last year’s long Japan trip …… as short trips require a lot less planning. Hong Kong was a natural choice due to the following reasons:

1. Been to Hong Kong twice (2007 and 2009), thus able to find my way around

2. Able to speak Cantonese, no problems with language & directions

3. Since I wasn’t able to join the girls in March, perfect opportunity for a short break and catch up with SM

4. Since my last trip was 5 years back (year 2009), it would be great to see Hong Kong again 5 years on (heard from many a lot of changes in landscape and environment since then)

5. Do a day trip to Macau, since neither SM nor myself had went there before

With the above, decided to do a itinerary-less, relaxing and lazy 6 day vacation (the 6th day is the Monday that I flew back). Rather than the crazy shopping of the previous trip, decided that the priority this time round would be to eat well, and check out places that I have missed out on my last 2 trips.

Originally wanted to push up the trip to July but found out about the SQ promotion a bit too late. And by the time I got down to firming travel dates and finalising air ticket, realised that the Cathay Pacific promotion flights (in conjunction with UOB Cards) had better fly-in and out times ….. thus decided to push it back to 20th Aug to 25th Aug (as per my original plan to travel in August).

Once tickets bought (early July), accomondation firmed (SM said to stay with her for all 5 nights although I had wanted to book a hotel for 1st 3 nights) ….. we are good to go!


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