Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 1 Wet & Grey Hong Kong Part 2


There was originally moderate rain when I hopped onto the cab at Hong Kong Station (Airport Express station) to Mid-Levels.

By the time I left SM’s place, the rain settled down to a light drizzle, but the sky remains dark still. Since SM mentioned that the Mid-Levels Escalator is one street away from her place, the next immediate step is to locate it so as to make my way down to Central to get a much-needed meal. Thanks to directions from a passer-by, I just need to keep walking down-slope to get back onto Caine Road/Robinson Road and onto the escalator proper. No pictures as I tried to move as fast as possible admist the dark skies.

Got slightly lost (since it was my first time navigating the area) ……and somewhat ended up at 10 Hollywood Road – which was the former Central Police Station.


More steps to climb down. You can see that the ground is wet due to the rain (subsided a bit from earlier) ……


Finally managed to locate Wellington Road, found Mak’s Noodles and crossed the road opposite to Tsim Chai Kee for a super duper late lunch / tea break. The hot noodles was what I exactly needed to warm my tummy 😛


As Tsim Chai Kee was one of the food places I had specifically set out to try for this trip – separate Food Mission review coming up!

Originally planned to go to Wong Tai Sin Temple for some prayers but since I finished eating a little after 5, and given that the temple closes at 1730 Hrs – decided to do that tommorrow instead. With tummy filled, continued walking around Central admist the rain (getting heavier once again until I got to put on my hoodie and open up my umbrella) …… whilst deciding where to head to next before meeting SM at 7pm for dinner.

Walked into a small lane / street (i.e Stanley Street) and came across this new boutique hotel called The Pottinger. Quite amazing how they manage to squeeze in a brand new hotel admist all the old buildings ……


P/S: The small dot in the middle was actually a rain drop on my camera lens that I forgot to wipe off. Thought it made an interesting effect 😛

Also came across the famous Luk Yu Teahouse located on Stanley Street (one street behind Wellington Street). I like the fact that it is being located in a nice building with a garden theme.


As the rain starts to get heavier and heavier, decided to get a coffee indoors. Walked over to Tsui Wah, saw that it was crowded and decided to go IFC instead as the air-con is stronger there. However felt that the walk underground from Central to IFC was very long (probably due to feeling sticky), so since I had a 3 day tourist pass with unlimited MTR rides, might as well make full use of it and head somewhere nearby before meeting SM at Sheung Wan at 1900 Hrs.

And so 3 stops from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui (across the harbour). Exited the train station and headed in to iSquare – a new shopping mall. Could recall iSquare was still building during my last visit 5 years ago. The 1st priority is to find a quiet place to sit down and have a drink. After combing through the directory, went up to Level 3 and settled on having a drink/dessert at Baby Cafe.

2014-09-03 11.33.52

The cafe was actually a namesake cafe named after Angelababy 😛 …… and the menu itself wasn’t priced on the too high end. The afternoon tea set, as good as it looked, was too excessive for 1 person (esp. after having wanton noodles earlier) …… and so settled for a Caramel Milk Tea Smoothie instead, since I was really thristy!

It was a pretty big portion for HKD32, not too expensive, but let’s just say the combo of caramel and milk tea was indeed very strange tasting. Other than that, it wasn’t too crowded, and the restaurant itself had a pretty nice interior, abeilt using mainly dark colours, and with walls that have Angelababy’s pictures pastered all over (the pictures are actually in 3D format, and change as and when). Just imagine having a drink/meal in the presence of a 女神, hehe! That’s a piece of interesting HK novelty for you!


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