Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 2 Clear Skies Part 1


Rise and shine and a long day ahead.

The day’s plan – Breakfast, then a visit to Wong Tai Sin to pray for some blessings (which I didn’t manage to go to the day before), then some shopping and walking around in Mongkok (5 stops from Wong Tai Sin MTR Station on the Kwun Tong Line). Rest of the afternoon is flexible – probably take the Star Ferry across the harbour and check out Harbour City. Dinner will be on my own as SM has a colleagues gathering after work.

Woke up early and left the apartment early around 0915 to 0930. Noted that the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Museum (at the edge of Castle Road) is one major landmark I ought to take note of on the way to and from SM’s apartment.


Instead of going onto the Mid-Levels Escalator (downwards direction till 1000 Hrs), found a short cut downslope at Caine Road, stretching from Aberdeen Street downwards towardws Central/Sheung Wan. It was a very very steep downslope, so minimal pictures. Passed by this interesting building called PMQ – which used to be the former Police Married Quarters, now being preserved and used as a creative hub for upcoming entrepreneurs to sell their wares.

Saw the Hollywood Road intersection, and turned left. Bizzarely, I decided that there is probably a shorter way if I were to cut through Gough Street/Wellington Street …… only to end up turning back (and going upslope again, so tiring) back to the same Hollywood Road intersection and continued walking downwards the road.

1st landmark along Hollywood Road – S.K.H Kei Yan Primary School on 109 Hollywood Road.



Hollywood Road is a very LONG road, stretching from number 2 to the hundreds. Well known for the numerous antique shops and art galleries lining the street (not much activity though as they do not open so early for business) …… as well as housing the Man Mo Temple (in the collage below). Didn’t go in as I wanted to pray for general blessings, rather than for study.

2014-09-13 13.23.14

Also passed by Ladder Street. There are many small sloping streets (with ladders/steps to walk up and down) intersecting between Mid-Levels and Central. However this one is the ‘original’ one that I was looking for. Decided that I will do some actual walking/climbing after my breakfast (in the end didn’t manage to do so). In a pop culture reference, Ladder Street was also where the late Lesile Cheung filmed the Stand Up MV and some scenes of ‘The Kid’ movie.

Finally after a long long walk, right to end of Hollywood Road – located 200 Hollywood Road where For Kee is located. It was already 1000 Hrs! Finally found my intended breakfast place! If not for some pre-research earlier, I would have missed this signage (as seen online) ……


Had a sumptous HK style breakfast consisting of milk coffee (most HK cafes typically serve milk coffee) and their famous pork chop bun. This place deserves a special review on its own – coming up!


After breakfast, instead of walking back towards Ladder Street as originally intended, decided to just head towards Sheung Wan, a shorter distance as compared to going the long way back to Central. Ended up cutting across Bonham Strand Street (where there are many shops selling dried seafood), Wing Lok Street (another old street in Sheung Wan) and chanced uponthe Western Market (the Edwardian style building in red) on route to the MTR station.

2014-09-13 14.51.20


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