Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 2 Clear Skies Part 2


Changed trains at Yau Ma Tei station to the Kwun Tong Line (green line) …… and it was another 6 stops before reaching Wong Tai Sin MTR – where Wong Tai Sin Temple is located right beside it. Reached pretty much on schedule – around 1130 Hrs.

Some background history on Wong Tai Sin Temple via wikipedia. You would note from the photo collage below that Wong Tai Sin Temple is located right in the middle of a neighbourhood.

2014-09-15 01.17.59

Into the temple proper.


The main hall – very traditional chinese style with grand red pillars and very intricate looking roof.



Another intricate stone craving ……


The temple is not really that big, and given its quite systematic (with plenty of signage in English and Chinese), finished touring it in around 15 mins (and that includes offering incense and donations as well). Noted that there was a small garden adjacent to the temple grounds ……

2014-09-15 01.55.49

All in all, the visit to the temple took no more than 15 to 20 min max. The temple was much smaller in scale as versus to what is being described in various tourist websites (and as compared to some of those I visited in Kyoto) …… most importantly, I acheived my main objective of praying for blessings irregardless.

So off to Mongkok next – which is 5 stops down the MTR line!

Reached around 1200 Hrs …… and decided to go over to the ‘older’ side of Mongkok where the shopping streets and markets are.

Chanched upon Ladies Street. No interest to walk into it 😛


Saw a Hang Heung outlet at a corner of the entrance to the Ladies Market as well. Realised later on this was a franchise outlet (and not the other main outlet along Nathan Road) ……


Also chanced upon Fa Yuen Street (famous for its sports goods shops) and walked all the way down to Sai Yeung Choi Street. Hoping to chance upon a shop that sells the 蝦子面/Shrimp Roe Noodle that Mum likes …… but couldn’t find any. Recalled also that there is also a well known noodle/congee shop – Good Hope Noodle located along Sai Yeung Choi Street. However, given the crowds …… and the heat which is making me feel sticky, decided that I need some instant air-con. And so began to navigate my way out of Sai Yeung Choi Street …… back to the MTR entrance, and to Langham Place next!


1st things 1st – get some lunch as it’s already 12+. Went up to the 13th floor where the Sky Terrace is …… found nothing really interesting enough to try, and so went back to Level 4 again to Match.Too Cafe – which I visited with S back in year 2009.


5 years later, the cafe is still surviving at its original location, with a new background wall (no more pink wall), heh ……


They actually have a 10th anniversary menu (Wow! Not easy for a cafe to survive for 10 years) …… and having enjoyed their western fusion style pastas the other time, decided on the 2006 anniversary special dish – Lobster Spaghetti with Lobster Cream Sauce. The set came with a complimentary coffee as well …… and so it’s a great deal for HKD86 (around SGD 13.90).


However the lobster spaghetti was disappointing! Plentiful spaghetti and cream sauce, but hardly any ingredients – there’s only 3 small pieces of lobster and 1 crabstick (which I don’t like). Hmph!

Decided to be adventurous and ordered the green tea cheese cake as post lunch dessert as recalled eating their yakult cheese cake previous which was good. Somehow or another, the green tea tasted weird, and made a weird combo with the mascarpone cheese used. Should have stuck to the yakult cheese cake ….. if only I have known better. Overall, it was still an ok lunch.


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