Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 2 Clear Skies Part 3


Some walking around post lunch. There was a Sanrio fair right in the middle of the open area on level 4 Langham Place. Full of children 😛

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Feels like back home (Singapore) when I see Toastbox and Awfully Chocolate (corner outlet on level 4) as well 😛

2014-09-21 16.27.25

Langham Place’s famous Xpresscalators, leading up to level 8 of the shopping mall.


Went to explore some of the shops at the Spiral section (level 9 onwards) …… but found nothing much to buy. Then went back down to level 2 to explore the Beauty Avenue section (a huge department store where the major beauty brands such as Kose, SKII, Sulwasoo etc. are consolidated under one roof). Went there mainly to look see, as well as to get S’s Jill Stuart stuff. Nearly bought a Jill Stuart perfume for myself also but decided to hold it off for now (a bit adverse to bring back glass items in my luggage).

Also saw Aveda (shop by itself) and went in to look see. Prices seem pretty much the same as Spore post conversion, so got nothing.

Left Langham Place around 1415 Hrs and decided to head back to the apartment to put down my stuff, and also for a short break (from the sticky weather). iPad should also be fully charged by this time, so better go back to off the plug as well.

MTR-ed back to Central, and took the Mid-Levels escalator (upwards direction) back to the apartment. Took a closer look at the various sights and passed SOHO (many stylish western style restaurants and bars).

2014-09-24 11.23.44

The nice thing about the escalator is that it leads right onto Caine Road, and just a further walk and its the apartment already. Very convenient.

Reached the apartment a little after 3 ….. and took a 1/2 hour break, put down stuffs, and had some much needed air-con (it was really hot and sticky out there). After a good rest, its time to be on the move again!

This time round, walked back the same way downwards the escalator as my intention was to get to IFC/Hong Kong Station, and then to the Central Pier (beside IFC/Hong Kong Station). Only 1 picture this time round – that was when I looked down from the escalator, and it was the Central Market right below me.

Central Market HK

Note: Right Image was an edit using the watercolour filter from Vintique app.

Processed with Moldiv

Managed to find a bridge that links from the escalator straight to IFC/Hong Kong Station. Bravo! Nice colourful murals and plants lining up the walkway, to liven up in what is a very dilapilated old bridge.


Nice,clear and bright blue sky as I approach the bridge leading to IFC. No chance of rain from the looks of it (very different from weather forecast which indicated cloudy weather/possible rain).

2014-09-25 02.32.10

Saw some leftover equipment (from a past protest) and some construction right beside the bridge to the pier.

And finally my destination – Central Pier!


Next Up – doing one of my favourite activities, which is taking a slow idyllic ferry ride across the harbour to Kowloon side.




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