Food Mission: For Kee Restaurant @ Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

2nd Food Mission entry for my Hong Kong trip back in August 2014.

For Kee actually popped up in this particular Yahoo! article while I was googling for recommended food places. As per my tripadvisor review, For Kee is probbaly what you will term as a ‘hidden gem’ – as it is less well known amongst tourists as versus to more ‘popular’ HK cafes/cha chaan teng (tea cafe) such as Tsui Wah and Lam Fong Yuen (Just like For Kee, they are also well known for their pork chop buns).

As mentioned in my Day 2 entry, decided on For Kee for breakfast as it was on the way at Hollywood Road – before I head to Wong Tai Sin Temple as planned. After a long long walk down Hollywood Road, got to 200 Hollywood Road where For Kee is located. Thanks to prior research online, recognised the signboard, as For Kee is at a corner which is easily blink & miss (if you are not alert enough).


Reached a little after 10 – which means the early morning breakfast crowd has gone off to work.


Word has it that For Kee’s owner is also a tradtional chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner here. This explains the ‘healthy’ menu on the right side of the huge signboard – majority of it is tomato soup based.


Noted also this vintage/retro style photo of the restaurant right in the middle of one of the walls (that I was seated right across). They have definitely been around for a long time!

Now to the food proper. For Kee is well known for its pork chops, particularly pork chop rice. However, their portions seem rather huge …… and I felt that having pork chop rice for breakfast by myself is a little bit too much at 10am. Thus decided on the next best alternatiave – Pork Chop buns! Less heavier alternative and I still get to taste the much-raved about pork chop.

(Note: Pork Chop bun is usually served before noon and after 2pm, a non-peak hour special)


Looks very unassuming (very much like the restaurant itself, which is pretty old school). But the moment I took one bite, I was blown away by the well-marinated, flavourful and tender pork chop. Chomped down my bun in a jiffy 😛 …… Guess it was perfect that I chose to have the pork chop bun. Especially so when it was sort of ‘limited period offering’ – before noon and after 2pm. Heh!

And of course, needed a morning coffee to get my day going! Ordered a HK style coffee – which is essentially coffee with milk. I usually take black coffee, but knowing that HK cafes don’t do their black coffee that well, elected to go with their traditional style coffee instead – as this is what they do best!


Indeed, it does look plain and unassuming. But the moment I took my 1st sip, to finishing the entire cup – I must say this is one darn good cup of HK style coffee (probably the best one I had throughout my 6 day trip). It kept me energetic throughout the day, as a good cup of coffee will 🙂

Not only that, the staff were also friendly. And kindly let on that they are indeed very crowded during lunchtime. Even when I was there at 10-plus, the restaurant is 3/4 full (mainly locals). And they are not expensive too. Paid HKDv37 (SGD 5.97 based on exchange rate of HKD 6.2 to SGD 1).

For Kee will be a new addition to the ‘Must-Try’ char chan teng list should one visits Sheung Wan area in Hong Kong. They are that good!


For Kee Restaurant 科記咖啡餐廳
Shop J-K, 200 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan
Tel: +852 2546 8947

Mondays To Fridays 0700 Hrs to 1630 Hrs
Saturdays 0700 Hrs to 1530 Hrs
Closed On Sundays and Public Holidays

Nearest MTR Station:

Sheung Wan MTR A2 Exit. A pretty long walk to Hollywood Road (based on my own experience). Google Map


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