Leslie Cheung 张国荣 – 想你

Feeling the slight wave of nostalgia as I continue to blog my Hong Kong travel entries.

So I went through some of the songs that I synced to my iPad, and came across one of Leslie Cheung’s old ballads – 想你 …… and started replaying it all over again!

As this song is more of a B-side, rather than a lead track – some of Leslie’s newer fans may not know of it. However, this ballad was one of Leslie’s earlier self-composed tracks – from his 1988 Virgin Snow album. Despite it being a good 26 years old – it still sounds classic and timeless, all thanks to the arrangement of the track, and the beautiful lyrics.

There is a back story behind the lyrics here. The first few lines definitely made the song a very memorable one:

呆坐半晚 咖啡早渗着冰冷
难合上眼 枕边早垫着冰冷

Wrote up a Leslie Cheung dedication entry last year as well here ……


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