Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 2 Clear Skies Part 5


Picture heavy entry next! Just Day 2’s entry feels long, thinking about it now – I actually covered a lot for Day 2 (and even SM thinks so too! Heh) ……

The main intention of me planning a visit to the Tsum Sha Tsui Promenade is to catch the ‘Golden Hour’ and enjoy the Hong Kong skyline, and to take beautiful sunset photos and detail the change of sky colours.

It was already around 1815 to 1820 Hrs when I started my walk down the promenade. Unlike my past 2 trips to Japan where sunset started as early at at 1645 Hrs, with the sky completely pitch dark by 1800 Hrs …… Hong Kong is such a huge contrast! It was still clear and bright at 6-plus in the evening, very much like Singapore. I guess it is because it is summer season now (the sunset should be slightly earlier during winter season in HK though) ……


There is a viewing platform right outside the Cultural Centre …… and so I walked up the stairs onto the platform proper. As I walked down the viewing platform, looked towards the direction of the Star Ferry Terminal and I was right in the direction of the sun – which is just beginning to set. Perfect!


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A great crowd gathered at the viewing platform to catch the sunset/golden hour just like me! Managed a decent panorama shot on my iPhone as well 😀


Managed to get a selfie in, with the help of some kind Korean tourists 🙂


Spotted various yachts and cruise ships in various forms. The pink one is a harbour cruise tour Star Ferry runs in the evening …… The red junket is probably by another operator – looked into the inside and it looked pretty luxurious. It is also starting to turn dark judging from the colour of the clouds.

2014-10-04 13.17.55

2014-10-05 15.36.16

Approaching the Avenue of Stars as evening beckons! Didn’t manage to walk down as far as to here until this trip 😛 ….. Saw the iconic Bruce Lee statue and lots of tourists posing with the statues as well 😛

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And what is Avenue of Stars without the stars handprints and footprints ……

2014-10-05 15.57.25


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