Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 2 Clear Skies Part 6


Night-time beckons! The sky only really starts to darken a little after 7pm …… and you can see the buildings (on the Hong Kong island side) stating to light up!

Avenue of Stars

Finally the sky turns red as it officially transitions into nightime!


The office buildings in Central (you can see Bank of China Tower and IFC in the distance) lighted up.


And one of my favourite shots as I start to walk back towards where I came from ……


Managed yet another panorama shot as well ……


Soon it was about time to make my way back to the MTR station (Tsim Sha Tsui). The beautifully lighted up Hong Kong Space Museum, and across the road – the majestic looking Peninsula Hotel.


As much as Peninsula Hotel is right across the road (thus within distance to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station) …… However this is FAR from so as there is no traffic light leading to Peninsula Hotel. The nearest one is some distance away at Salisbury Road, which leads back to Star House and Harbour City. So there begins my long arduous walk down the underpass from the Space Museum back to the MTR Station.

Was really really tired when I finally reached Central MTR around 8-plus. Decided to pack dinner and make the slow walk up the Mid-Levels Escalator back to the apartment. Had Roast Goose rice in mind for dinner. Actually got down the escalator halfway to get onto Wellington Street (Where Mak’s Noodles and Tsim Chai Kee are located). Ended up walking all the way down to Yung Kee while not managing to find the shop that I was really looking for – Yat Lok. Stopped at the escalator once more to google for the exact address …… only to find out it is actually located at Stanley Street. And with the help of google maps – realised that Stanley Street is actually 1 street before Wellington Street itself.

And so walked back to Yat Lok and managed to pack the Roast Goose rice I wanted. And then after yet another long walk up the escalator, got back to the apartment early (a little after 9) …… and finally got to rest and enjoy my roast goose rice dinner (to local TVB Drama) after a long long day!


Sidenote: The review of Yat Lok came from here – as they are touted to be a cheaper yet comparable (or even better) where roast goose is concerned. True enough, Yat Lok is very much favoured by locals as I saw a small quene at the entrance. And I must say, for HKD49, the roast goose rice is not expensive at all, lots of rice and sufficient amount of roast goose meat. Didn’t need a big portion as I already had dim sum at Harbour City earlier.


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