Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 3 New Adventures Part 1


Ended up sleeping real early the night before (started dozing off around 11-plus) …… which was around the time SM got back from her dinner gathering. Result of a long day 2 😛

Spent quite a bit of time in the apartment despite waking up around 0700 to 0730 Hrs. Mainly researching for my next task at home – which is the journey to Kwai Fong (right at the other end of Hong Kong, near Tsing Yi and Lantau Island itself) to collect Bro’s camera stuff. Plus also what to do after collecting the camera stuff. Had a few ideas in mind – lunch (or) afternoon tea @ Sky100 / Cafe 103 (Ritz Carlton) …. or head over to Stanley (since I didn’t manage to check out Stanley during my last 2 trips) ….. do some shopping at Tung Chung Citygate outlets after collecting camera stuff (since Tung Chung is just a few stops away from Kwai Fong) …..

But first things 1st …. which is to figure out the way to Kwai Fong …… and to the building where the office is located at to collect the items.

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Initially thought it would be a pretty straight foward journey on the red line (Tsuen Wan MTR Line) all the way from Central MTR to Kwai Fong MTR …… only to realise much later that it was really much longer (12 stops). However thanks to google maps, managed to found a shorter route – where I’ll travel from Hong Kong Station on the Tung Chung Line (yellow line) to Lai King …… then change 1 stop to Kwai Fong. Sounds so much better!

With this set, headed out for a late breakfast around 10. Thought it would be easier to just eat at Tsui Wah (Wellington St.) before heading to Hong Kong Station just a few roads down. However as I was doing the usual walk down Aberdeen St …… Came across Gough St (where the famous Kau Kee beef noodle is located) & realised that Sang Kee Congee (which I visited during my last trip) was also in the vicinity …… And so changed my plan & decided to head to Sang Kee instead for late breakfast since I would love to go back for a repeat visit during this trip as well 🙂

Googled for the address …. And subsequently took quite a while to locate Burd St …. Before finally locating the outlet after close to 10 min of walking up & down the vicinity 😛


Sang Kee is well known for their Fish porridge / congee. So I ordered the same porridge as my previous visit – Fish Belly with Beef Congee …… Added some dough fritters (to go with the congee) as well as ordered a coffee for breakfast (to save the hassle of getting coffee elsewhere) ……


The congee itself is still smooth, and portions plentiful. But somehow or another, the ‘fishy’ smell also seems to be heavier as well …… Nevertheless, still above average in my opinion. As for the coffee – nothing to shout about. More to get a cup in the morning to set the tone for the day (or else I’ll get grouchy :P) ……

Given that Sang Kee / Burd St is in Sheung Wan vicinity … Took a short walk (around 8 to 10 min) to Sheung Wan MTR after my meal …… And changed the train at Central MTR to make the journey to Kwai Fong next.

Nothing much at Kwai Fong – mainly an industrial area surrounded by flats. After getting lost for a bit at the underground passageway (linking to the MTR station itself) – managed to locate Kwai Fong Crescent where the industrial builidng/office is located at. Went up to the office, and collected the camera stuff without a hitch. Nothing much at Kwai Fong, and so quickly walked back to where I came from – the MTR station to take the next train back to Kowloon/Hong Kong Island.

I suppose from the moment I reboarded the train at Kwai Fong, the idea of going to Tung Chung Citygate was dropped instantly. So I have the 1/2 hour journey on the train decide what to do next – Lunch/Tea @ Sky100 (or) head down to Stanley (on Hong Kong Island) ……


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