Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 3 New Adventures Part 2


Got back to Hong Kong Island (Hong Kong Station) at around 1230 Hrs. Had thought of going to Sky100 @ ICC but a moment of hesitation meant that I missed getting off at Kowloon Station …… and so instead ended back at Hong Kong Station.

Used the pocket wifi to do some googling …… and decided on the spot that since I’m already back at Hong Kong Station, I’ll head to Stanley instead – as the bus terminal is right at Exchange Square (beside Hong Kong Station / IFC) itself. Hopped onto Bus 260 to begin my next journey to Stanley.

It was a nice, scenic bus ride to Stanley. Bus 260 is a faster express service (based on this website here) as it goes by the Aberdeen Tunnel before getting into Repulse Bay (where all the luxurous homes looking out to the beach are) …… and onward to Stanley. Didn’t manage to take any pictures despite sitting on the upper deck of the bus as I did not have a window seat + my side on the bus was not looking out onto the Repulse Bay beach view. Oh well ……

Given that 260 was a faster express service – reached Stanley around 1.30pm. A good fast 1/2 hour bus ride (versus the almost 1 hour if I took Bus 6 and 6X instead) ……

2014-10-14 12.25.56

In order to get to the other end of Stanley – where the iconic Murray House and Blake Pier is located, one would have to pass through the Stanley Market itself. So into the market I went to do a quick walkthrough before hunting for some lunch (stomach is rumbling). And ended up getting some rainbow calligraphy paintings (one for ZL, one for myself) before continuing on for lunch (as the paintings will take an hour to be ready).

Based on directions given by the calligraphy store salesman …… walked out of the market and onto the waterfront promenade area, withe Murray House, Blake Pier and Stanley Plaza in the distance, while looking out towards the sea.

2014-10-14 12.29.54

Quaint shops / restaurants along the road ……


After a short 5 min walk along the waterfront, manaaged to locate Stanley Plaza. And went up to level 3 where Chung’s Cuisine was located …… and which was also the restaurant that the rainbow calligraphy guy had recomemnded me for a late lunch.

The restaurant entrance (and decor) itself was more like a casual western bristo style (given the open entrance) rather than like a chinese restaurant. Whilst googling to write this entry – I realised later that Chung’s is actually another dining concept under the Tao Heung group umbrella. Tao Heung is not so well known globally – but their food standard is generally not bad based on past dining experiences.

Since I didn’t manage to get a window seat overlooking the bay (quite a busy lunch crowd even though it was already close to 2pm) …. no pictures of the restaurant interior other than the entrance 😛

2014-10-19 12.53.07

Their mainstays are mainly dim sum. But after having dim sum at Harbour City the day before, and also after my congee/porridge meal earlier – I decided I wanted to have noodles more. So ended up order a plate of fried noodles (with small pieces of squid) instead – as some of the main dishes (fried rice, noodles etc.) were on promotional price during lunch. Although HKD68 sounds expensive for a plate of noodles (as compared to char chan teng prices) …… it would turn out to be a steal as the plate itself was good for 2! Ah if only I had known – should have ordered dim sum instead for a lighter meal 😛

After taking my time trying to chow down as much of the noodles as possible, called for the bill and decided to walk around a bit (to digest off my heavy meal). Went up 1 floor to level 4 of the Plaza itself to walk around. And saw an nice open air area looking out to Murray House and Stanley Bay beyond it.

2014-10-19 12.51.12

At a corner there’s a Lover’s Terrace – where numerous love bubbles reside.


Then went back down hunting for a place to have coffee. Passed by Cuppers Speciality Coffee which I was keen to check out since it was by an award winning barista (as per the notice on the glass wall) …… but it happened to be closed (lunch break perhaps). So decided to go back down and hunt for another cafe along the Main Street instead. As I got back to the ground level – chanced upon Classified and decided to check them out instead.

Prior to this visit – had read about Classified in some online reviews as they are one of the European style cafe chains that have popped up in Hong Kong in recent years. In fact just the day before, I actually walked past Classified’s very 1st original outlet along Hollywood Road (a few blocks before Man Mo Temple). So now its the perfect opportunity (unplanned) to check them out 🙂

2014-10-19 12.56.29

Loved the cosy interior – which makes use of mainly wooden furniture to give the cafe a comfortable/laid back vibe …… perfect atmosphere for a lazy afternoon coffee. Only slight minus is that the cafe is not located nearer to the bay area – for the bay view will make it even more perfect :P. Another unique feature that Classified has is the walk-in Cheese room selling a variety of cheeses – which I discovered while exploring around the restaurant/cafe. Of course, the main highlight – which is the americano that I have ordered, is strong, thick and fagrant ….. the exact way I like my coffee to be and made up for the mediocre morning cuppa 🙂


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