Computer Problems & More Frustration

When one breaks down …. all starts to follow. What an irony!

The last time I brought my laptop down to Acer for servicing was probably year 2010/2011 (definitely before the end of my 3 year warranty) …… and things have been pretty smooth since then.

However around 3 Sundays ago, while working on something (for an undesirable person), accidentally spilled Milo on the keyboard, and the Acer was wonky/unstable right after that.

To cut the story short, resolved the problem temporarily with a wireless keyboard, and managed to do one back-up of my documents. Everything seemed ok after that (except for some stuck keys on the keyboard that no longer work) until on Sunday night …… the laptop repeatedly flashed going to sleep, but still I managed to shut down without any problems.

However, after deciding to make good use of Monday to get some work in, carried both laptop and wireless keyboard to office, only for the laptop not being able to start up (after a few beep sounds). Since it was already 5+ coming to 6 years old …… no point trying to repair it. Instead just have to bring foward my plans to buy a new one and off I went to Funan in the afternoon.

Got a Lenovo Flex 2 14 after walking 1 round at Funan, and happily went home and managed to get it started up. Then all of a sudden, after going into sleep mode (as battery went dead), upon restarting, the wireless signal was gone!

Troubleshooted for the whole of Tuesday morning, lots of screaming over the phone, cabbed down to Lenovo service centre in the afternoon for further diagnostic troubleshooting. Apparently the technicians had problem reformatting the laptop using the onekey recovery button (unique to lenovo) and as updated to me over phone this morning – they can’t reformat using the CD either.

So it is a wireless card issue (hardware) and maybe a software/installation(microsoft) issue as well. Opted for 1 for 1 exchange so that I can get a new machine faster (am allowed to change for a new machine within 7 days of purchase as per Lenovo T&C as versus to parts replacement once proven it is a hardware malfunction).

And so tried to open my Seagate Freeagent Portable on the home computer just now ….. and the USB doesn’t work! Viola! How on earth am I going to retrieve my back-up data now ??????????

The last thing I definitely need is everything (tech related and all) breaking down at the same time. This is so disruptive to my work! Frustration coming up to infinity – where time wasted, money, lagging productivity, delayed plans are concerned!

Seriously wonder when this bad luck patch will come to an end …… and when will I see the ‘rainbow’ at the end of the tunnel!

Further Note: Felt that all these terrible luck came as a result of me changing the locating of my rainbow calligraphy (from left side of desk to top left corner of partition). Felt really uncomfortable and so made a trip back office late afternoon yesterday (Deepavali PH) to clear the desk a bit and put the calligraphy back to its ‘rightful’ place ……

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