Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 3 New Adventures Part 3


Satisfied with my afternoon cuppa ……  left Stanley Plaza and continued my walk downwards to further explore the area where Murray House and Blake Pier is located.


A little more information about Murray House gathered online:-

Murray House is a restored Victoria-era building (1844) that was named after Sir George Murray (1772-1846), a British soldier and politician. Architectural design was done by Major Aldrich and Lieutenant Collinson of the Royal Engineers, who actually did the construction.

In 1982 it was dismantled to make way for the Bank of China Tower which now sits on the original site. It was finally reassembled in it’s present location in Stanley behind the end of Stanley Main Street, on the right-hand side of the bay during the years 1998/1999.

The Victoria-era building served originally as barracks for the British military and was part of the Victoria Barracks up until the 1960s.

Today it houses restaurants on the first floor, some of which have grand views across the bay.

Source: http://www.hk-stanley-market.com/Murray-House/#.VEysTBbYE9g


There were quite a number of tourists gathered outside the building itself. Only took pictures from outside the building and did not explore inside …… and then I continued to walk straight towards Blake Pier.

Just like Murray House, Blake Pier is also a conservation effort as the steel pavillion (top canopy) was dismantled from the original Blake Pier back in Central in the 1960s. It is mainly a small pier for pleasure boats and also a ferry service to Aberdeen and Po Toi Island – based on information here. Did manage to get some nice clear pictures of the Stanley Waterfront and the bay beyond Stanley …… and its the nice clear blue sky that I like very much 🙂


There’s probably more to Stanley than just walking the waterfront and shopping around Stanley Market. Its around 3+ already and decided to go back to the market to pick up my rainbow calligraphy pieces and head back to Central.

Back on Stanley Main Street ……


The shop where I bought my rainbow calligraphy pieces from ……

Processed with Moldiv

Walked towards the other end of the market and saw a shop selling paintings as well. Would definitely have bought one if I had the space for it back home in Singaopore. No pictures allowed but managed to sneak one 😛


Went back to the bus-stop at the entrance of Stanley Village and hopped onto Bus 6X to get back to Central. Unlike 260 which I took earlier, 6X is a hillier and longer route …… which allowed me to see more scenery as the bus route itself went one round around Repulse Bay where you can see the luxurious mansions and the beach itself. Only managed 1 picture on the bus though, given how hilly the bus ride was. I think it would be lovely to live in a house overlooking such clear and beautiful sea views, heh. One can only dream right 😛 ……


It was probably a good thing that I left Stanley relatively early (around 3-plus) rather than dragging out my time there as on the bus journey back, the traffic started to get heavier going into Aberdeen Tunnel / Wong Chuk Hang Road …… and it was only around 4-plus. Luckily the jam wasn’t for too long …. once out of the tunnel, passed by Happy Valley and its iconic Jockey Club, Cosmopolitan Hotel and back into Wan Chai, Admiralty/Pacific Place …… and finally got off at Pedder Street/Central.


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