Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 3 New Adventures Part 4


Got off the bus at Pedder Street. It was 4-plus …… and given the plan was to meet back at the apartment at 7 before heading out for dinner, there’s still some time to kill.

Decided to cross the road into The Landmark. The idea was to get to Mandarin Oriental from The Landmark, thinking that they are side by side. Got up to Level 3 and saw that there was a linkway leading to Mandarin Oriental …… so followed it, only to end up at a lift lobby that will take me to Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Hmm, it doesn’t seem like the iconic Mandarin Oriental that I was planning to go to. Was thinking since I wasn’t able to get to enjoy the famed Clipper Lounge Afternoon High Tea (found out that I needed to reserve about 1-2 weeks in advance), it would still be nice to pop by to look see look see and explore the place …… but no such luck!

(Sidenote: As I blog this now, I realised that there are actually TWO Mandarin Oriental Hotels right smack in Central. Landmark Mandarin Oriental located right top of The Landmark and THE Mandarin Oriental – located further down from Prince Building. There was actually a link from The Landmark to Prince Building opposite. Ahhhh. Should have turned on the pocket wifi and activated google maps in that instance since I had iPad in my bag)

So got out of The Landmark (mainly branded shops) …… walked back to Pedder Street, and decided to take the ‘ding-ding’ / electric tram down towards Wan Chai / Causeway Bay. Taking the tram / ‘ding-ding’ is slower as compared to MTR (3 to 4 stops to Wan Chai / Causeway Bay), but it is a nice scenic way to travel if you are not in a rush + its really cheap at HKD2.30 per journey irregardless of the number of stops.

Dropped off at Paterson Street – which is right on Hennessy Road (the long road that stretches from Wai Chai to Causeway Bay), and instantly saw Hysan Place and Sogo right opposite the road. So taking the ‘ding ding’ to Causeway Bay is in a way much more convenient as it is right along the main road (as versus to MTR where you may get lost more easily if you are at the wrong exit – like what happened when we tried to get to Chee Kei on the 1st day). Recalled SM mentioning that there was a 樓上 @ Causeway Bay (when we walked passed Causeway Bay Plaza on route to Chee Kei) – and so decided to check out this outlet for good buys for dried foods and other stuff. Went onto the bridge that is linked to Causeway Bay Plaza 1 but somehow couldn’t find the outlet at all despite going up and down 3 floors. Saw a Pokka Cafe in the same building, was tempted to go in for a dessert but did not do so anyway 😛

Futile search, so took the bridge across to the other side of Hennessy Road (where Hysan Place is located). Realised that it was the same road we walked past on our way to Chee Kei, continued to walk all the way down, and cut into a small lane after Hysan Place itself which led to Jardine’s Bazaar. Finally a familar place – recalled me & S came here for lunch @ Toilet Restaurant (realised that they have closed down since) and shopping. 5 years on, the big Giordano and Bossini shops were gone – and now replaced by Forever 21 ….. while the G2000 shop is a fraction of its former glory. So nothing to buy. Did see some street stalls at a corner (the famous Jardine’s Bazaar Street Market), but since jostling through crowds (quite a lot of people already at 5-plus) is not my cup of tea, left the area and walked back onto Hennessy Road.

Wasn’t too keen to shop at Island Beverly, so left after walking through levels 1 and 2. Went back into Sogo, and into another throng of crowds (its pretty amazing that Causeway Bay is really crowded even at 5-plus, let alone after 6 when the office crowds start to come in). Contented myself with walking 2 rounds at B1 (where the food hall and supermarket is lcoated) and realised that there was a mini mooncake fair right in the Food Hall. Great, will come back here on Monday to get the Maxim mooncakes and Wife Biscuit before leaving HK. So this surveying turned out to be useful after all 🙂 Also bought myself a Hokkaido Soft Serve (think I have deleted the photo by accident) to ‘cool’ myself down as I was starting to feel sticky. And then MTR-ed back to Central and up the Mid-Levels Escalator back to the apartment at around 630pm (sunset time) to rest up a bit before dinner.

Back at the apartment, SM texted saying to meet at 8 instead, and direct at the dinner place (which made more sense given that her office is in Sheng Wan, rather than coming back to the apartment). So had some time in the apartment to chill and rest up after feeling hot and sticky the entire day. Caught up with my mails for a bit, and at the same time, laid out the rainbow calligraphy pieces I bought at Stanley for the obligatory picture taking 😛



As mentioned in my earlier post, bought one as a wedding gift for ZL as the ROM clashed with the trip. Whilst the other is for myself – as some colour & ‘good luck’ will be essential for my work environment i.e. office. Up close, the calligraphy itself is very exquisitely done 🙂

And then its the familar walk downslope Aberdeen St/Mid-Levels Escalataor to meet SM. Finally we are going to have the famed beef brisket noodles @ Kau Kee for dinner!

Although wikipedia’s entry on Kau Kee states that Gough Street’s main claim to fame was thanks to Kau Kee, however in recent years, there are also many restaurants, bars and boutiques that have popped up along the street in recent years. Saw an Agnes B cafe (no pictures) + a Polo Ralph Lauren outlet beside it. Sassy Mama also has a detailed guide on the various offerings along Gough St.


And at the end of all these trendy boutiques/cafes/bars is the representative of good old HK – Kau Kee Beef Noodles.


Luckily the quene wasn’t that long and we got a seat within 1/2 hour. This legendary beef noodles deserves a separate review entry of its own so Food Mission entry will be up soon!

As the noodles were pretty heavy, walked around Central a bit and decided to get some desserts to wash down. So we ended up at Yau Ma Tei (in Kowloon) – initially to have french toast at Mido, but since Mido closes pretty early at 9pm …… ended up at Hui Lau Shan. And since the mango desserts were average at best (we were saying that we should have gone to Causeway Bay instead), SM ended up packing another hot dessert back home to satisfy her taste buds.


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