Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 4 More Foodie Adventures Part 1


Back to more travel blogging after managing to recover the backed-up data (which includes precious memories from my travels in the form of photos taken) from my Seagate portable disk which stopped working around the same time as the Acer broke down.


Ended up waking up a tad later than the usual 0700 to 0730 Hrs given that it was a Saturday. However not that much later for me (after snoozing and snoozing my alarm) …… I woke around 8-plus, and continued to do some mindless surfing and research on my iPad while waiting for SM to wake up (which she finally did around 9).

We briefly discussed last night on plans for today, of which the 1st ‘task’ was to head to Sin Heung Yuen @ Gough St to have breakfast and check out their famed tomato noodles. SM really really wanted to check out their tomato noodles after reading this …… So we left the apartment close to 10, and once again took the sloping walk down Aberdeen St. and turned to the left towards Gough St.

And yes, it is the famous Gough St. where we were at for dinner last night. And in fact, Sin Heung Yuen is right opposite Kau Kee!

But unlike Kau Kee – which is a cafe/restaurant, Sin Heung Yuen is what we will call a classic Dai Pai Dong 大排档, a type of open air food stall which was very popular in Hong Kong in the older days. Here’s a write-up on the current state of Dai Pai Dong in South China Morning Post …… currently there are only 26 of them left in Hong Kong.


Lucky us managed to get a seat without having to quene nor wait for too long. We had to share a table with another group of tourists (taiwanese I think) but that’s pretty common in many HK eating places. We then proceeded to order Sin Heung Yuen’s signature items in the following order – Condensed Milk & Butter On Crispy Bun, Crispy Bun with Pork Chop and Tomato with Luncheon Meat & Ham Soup Noodles that we came specifically for.


Apart from tomato soup noodles, they are also well known for their crispy buns, which they also term it as cui cui (脆脆) …… which also means crispy crispy. One bite into the bun itself (both condensed milk & butter and the pork chop version) …… it gives a nice crispy feel (had the bread crumbs falling all over the table :P), and yet the bread itself is still soft inside. This is the exactly crispy soft that I like (and not the crispy hard Yakun toast which I adhor). However SM still felt that the condensed milk bun at Tsui Wah was more classic. As for the tomato noodles, SM was slightly disappointed with it after all the rave reviews on various online blogs. For me it was more of a novelty as this was my first time trying tomato noodles in HK despite Sin Heung Yuen being around for such a long time …… my verdict is that it did feel that it was canned tomato being poured into the soup rather than freshly made tomato soup (when you have tried great tomato soup based pasta, you’ll know what I mean). Nevertheless, it was an interesting breakfast experience 🙂

We then took a walk towards Sheung Wan to head to the 樓上 outlet there which is located right at Wing Lok St. …… definitely a much easier find as compared to my experience yesterday at Causeway Bay. Bought quite a bit of dried foods to bring back home to Singapore with the bill coming up to around HKD1,000 😛 …… SM also managed to get a sling bag at one of the sport shops along the way before we walked back up Hillier St. to locate a foot massage place. Managed to settle on one outlet and we proceeded to just relax for the next 1 hour. The foot massage was timely as I was starting to feel the strain on my sole and to a lesser extent knees after walking upslope to the apartment for the past 3 days.


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