Tuesday Musings: Your Baby Is Ugly

Came across another interesting sales motivation/self-development article from one of the newsletters that I subscribe to.


This article rings hollow to a certain extent as part of my work involves telling prospects/clients the ‘truth’ – as versus to telling them what they want/like to hear.

Selling Financial Services involves a certain degree of responsibility and well-being to your prospect/client’s financial health.  Thus some truths may be hard truths – be it they are overspending, under-insured, not saving and investing enough towards their retirement, not taking action on their financial goals etc.

Often than not, there is a conflict between having to sell versus engaging the client to do what is right/fit and proper for themselves. A very good example that I encountered recently will be – will you just give the client a Universal Life Plan (just because your friendly banker has proposed it) to simply close off the sale …… or spend some time to helping and guiding client through the facts and bringing the focus back to his/her real objective – retirement income planning. Do note that in this instance, doing the Universal Life Plan is more lucrative and an easier short cut than properly guiding the client towards his/her real needs (retirement planning) which may be a very long and educational process as what I am experiencing right now …… before even seeing the fruits of the eventual ‘reward’. Eventual reward in this case goes beyond the product to be eventually taken up, as the main objective ultimately is to see client having a secure income stream for retirement, and of course a happy and satisfied client whose real needs are met.

This particular extract rings true as well ……

Great salespeople tell their clients the truth. They believe that by telling the client what he needs to hear, no matter how uncomfortable, that the client will trust them. The better salesperson knows that the client needs to understand the changes they need to make, why they need to make them, and how to make them in order to improve their results. 

This of course applies to engaged prospects who are prepared to open their minds to your ideas/suggestions.

Bottomline – I want to be a Financial Planner who tells the truth, and not a planner who simply says what the client/prospects wants to and likes to hear just to win their favor.


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