Food Mission: Teppei Japanese Restaurant

Taking a break from my travel entries to catch up on some food review entries.

Another restaurant that I was really curious to check out, given its glowing reviews online, particularly for their 9 course Omakase dinner sets . From their facebook page, it has to be noted that reservations are often 1-3 months ahead (right now, the reservations are for Jan to March 2015!). However I had decided to check out their lunch sets instead, given that there is always a quene during weekdays lunch …… which means the food must be really good right? 😛

Decided to target a Saturday afternoon as there’s significantly less crowd in Tanjong Pagar as compared to a weekday. And based on 1 previous instance when I walked past, their last serving is at 230pm. After 2pm is really late for lunch, targeted to reach Teppei slightly after 1pm – within my target/ideal lunch timing frame.

Reached a little after 1pm, and there was already a small quene of 6 to 8 people in front of me. Thank goodness nothing snake long unlike in the weekdays. Very simple shopfront. You will not realise this is Teppei until you see the quene.


The simple looking noticeboard with the lunch menu. On the right of the board Kaisen Don is highlighted as one of their speciality items.


Luckily didn’t have to wait too long. Got a seat inside within 10 min as 2 groups of patrons left the restaurant after finishing their meal. The restaurant itself is very small and narrow, with majority of the space taken up by the open kitchen area where the chefs are all busy at work. The bar counter style seating does remind me of a typical Japanese izakaya.


Tried taking more photos of various happenings and specifically the chefs at work while waiting for my food to arrive, but the pictures didn’t turn out too satisfactorily on my iPhone (time to change my phone!). And so, contended myself with the side dishes available at the counter itself.

2014-12-07 16.45.25

The fried assortment of various food (salmon, fish) was particularly addictive as I had to wait around 20 min for my lunch order. While I noted majority of the patrons preferred the other vegetable-based side dish – stir fried lotus roots with white and orange carrots, with a slightly sweet yet savoury sauce. It does have the very nice home cooked Japanese flavor though ……

And finally after a excruciating 20 min wait, my mix tempura set starts to come in bits and pieces!

2014-12-07 17.06.55

The rice and the tempura sauce actually came in way earlier ….. so mixed a bit of the fried salmon (side dish) with the rice itself as I continued to wait for my tempura. The vegetables came first, before the kitchen went for another round of frying the meats (consists of chicken, fish and the signature ebi/prawn) which was served last.

Maybe I was really hungry after all that waiting. Food that is fresh and fried piping hot tastes great, and does not feel sinful at all despite it being fried. Boy, this is so good …… and probably one of the best tempuras I have ever tasted/savoured outside of Japan! Not expensive at all for $16.90 for what is considered authentic Japanese home style food 🙂

This is the type of meal where a glass of beer will be perfect to wash it down. However they serve Asahi and since I do not like the dry-ness of Asahi that much, gave it a pass.

So after a satisfying and delicious lunch to start off November with a bang (my visit was on 1st November Saturday) …… trooped back to office to do some scanning!

Will definitely be back the other items on its menu (notably Kaisen Don) and its famed Omakase dinner set!

Interesting tibits – They have ‘expanded’ to include offshoots/brands like Hana-Hana (just next door), Hanare (at a Tanjong Pagar shophouse 3 to 5 min away) and just recently Teppei Syokudo (at Takashimaya Food Hall). There’s also a great article write-up on the head honcho – Chef Teppei Yamashita here on SoShiok.


Teppei Japanese Restaurant
1 Tras Link #01-08
Orchid Hotel
Singapore 078867
Tel: 6222 7363

Mondays To Saturdays 1145Hrs to 1430 Hrs, 1830 Hrs to 2230 Hrs


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