Need to rant and get this out of my system ……

Intolerant …… or rather specifically things that I DO NOT LIKE these days!

1. Rude behavior exhibited towards me for no rhyme/reason other than for the other party to accentuate his ego and stamp his/her authority. This is plain unacceptable in my opinion.

2. People who neither lead by example nor practice what they preach. A very good example – you don’t tell me on one hand the importance of a good work ethic …… then on the other hand, talk up your new person only to spoon feed him/her in the background sneakily and secretly.

3. People who are inconsiderate, and create a toxic environment for others via their inconsideration and selfish-ness.

Time to start staying away and keep my distance from such horrible/disgusting people since we have nothing in common!


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