Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 4 More Foodie Adventures Part 4


More of the Lamma Power Station as we approach the topmost point of the hike ……



Also managed to spot a tiny waterfall on the hilly side of the hike path ……


And the next checkpoint – the Hilltop Pavillion.


We decided to take a short 5 to 10 min walk cum water break here. Interestingly, there are some enterprising locals who had set up makeshift stalls selling drinks and snacks (to the hungry hikers) ……


One last look (and last picture) taken from the top end of the hike. The walking trail starts to go more downhill and no more picture taking as we target to reach the end of the hike before sunset.


And finally Sok Kwu Wan in sight!


Note: We actually skipped exploring the Kamikaze Caves along the trail leading to Sok Kwu Wan as our target was the seafood restaurant given the light dim sum lunch we had. Heh!

Sok Kwu Wan, otherwise known as Picnic Bay, is the Eastern Village of Lamma Island, and also marks the end of the walk/hike. Just like in Yung Shue Wan, there is also a Tin Hau Temple (no pictures) …… and further down the road, are the row of seafood restaurants that you see in the earlier collage.

Settled on Rainbow Restaurant (the very 1st restaurant right after passing by Tin Hau Temple) for our long awaited seafood dinner as we have eaten there before (so no issues with food quality) + also Rainbow has a private ferry that will bring us back to Hong Kong Island after our meal.

We got a seat at the open air veranda …… at a corner rather than looking out towards the sunset as those prime tables have already been taken.

Processed with Moldiv

And what can be better to reward ourselves with a beer after a good walk/exercise in the hot summer heat …… while looking out to the sunset ……

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Note: Sunset is rather late during Summer time …. closer to 7pm.

We decided to order a set meal for 2 (around HKD296) as the set meal includes the yee fu noodle with lobster which SM wanted to try. Noted also that their set meals are more economical as compared to ordering ala-carte, although the portions for the dishes are bigger when you order ala-carte, based on the experience from my previous visit.

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Some snaps of our dinner. There is definitely more than 5 dishes but we were too busy eating and talking rather than taking photos 😛 …… Btw, the yee fu noodles was alright, nothing really mind-blowing. But otherwise a pretty decent set meal dinner for the price we paid.


Hung around the street a bit more while waiting for Rainbow’s private ferry (the 1950 Hrs ride) to bring us back to Hong Kong Island. One last look at the restaurant before we leave.

Once back at Central Piers, we ended up getting MORE FOOD …… Tim Ho Wan BBQ Pork Bun, Condensed Milk Bread from Tsui Wah before making the slow walk back up the escalators! We also realised that we have been eating lots the entire Saturday …… thus explaining the title of Day 4’s entry 😀


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