Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 5 Macau Spectacular Part 1


Today is day trip to Macau! Do not have any concrete/detailed agenda apart from having tickets to watch House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams (Cotai) at 5pm.

But definitely no late start unlike the day before (Saturday). We decided the night before that we will cross the harbour to Kowloon to have breakfast at Mido Cafe (which we didn’t get to do so on Friday) before making our way to Macau.

Reached Yau Ma Tei MTR / Temple Street around 9-ish and got to Mido Cafe at the edge of Temple Street itself (exact address – 63 Temple Street). Mido Cafe is what we would term as a typical old school cha chaan teng (tea cafe) as they started operations way back in the 1950s …… with the 1950s style decor still well preserved.

2014-12-20 17.08.19

The top right photo (of the lady sitting by the window engrossed in her smartphone) was from a instagram post that I uploaded. The cafe interior itself is a part of classic old Hong Kong …… and makes for pretty good photography and instagram-ing 🙂

Despite Mido Cafe being said to be a good place to spot a HK celebrity having his/her breakfast here, we did not have much luck in celebrity spotting though 😛 …… But SM did note Mido is really old school Hong Kong right down to the tiles. 2 visits later only did I notice the tiles …… which in turn made a nice pattern.


And now for the food proper. Very extensive menu with easily over 200+ items but we were very clear on what we came here for – their signature French Toast! Since it was SM’s 1st time here, we also ordered another one of their signature items – Baked Spare Rib with Tomato Sauce Rice (which I have not tried before as my previous visit was sorely for French Toast).

2014-12-20 17.25.29

Verdict – the French Toast is as good as ever, with a good amount of maple syrup. As for the Baked Rice – the portion was huge (considering it costs HKD58) with plenty of spare ribs. The tomato sauce itself had a nice sweet flavorful taste without being too heavy and melted really well with the cheese. Surprised to find that they actually use buttered rice – which gave it a very nice texture together with the small omelette bits inside the rice …… together with the spare ribs (tender and well marinated, and surprisingly with minimal bone) it made a great combination. Of course we ordered 1 bowl to share as baked rice is rather excessive for breakfast 😛

Had our fill and it was the MTR back to Sheung Wan …… and to the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal. We decided to go back to Sheung Wan for the ferry as the MTR reaches the terminal directly, as versus to taking the ferry at Kowloon (Canton Road) where we have to reach by cab. Furthermore, there are way less sailings as compared to the Terminal at Sheung Wan.

Back to Sheung Wan …… and on our way to the ferry terminal proper, we spotted a Lan Fong Yuen outlet inside Shun Tak Centre (where the ferry terminal is located). If we knew the existence of this branch outlet, we would have eaten here instead and not spend time going to Temple Street / Mido Cafe.


After some initial confusion at the Ferry Terminal itself, we ended up getting tickets from a travel agent and ended up paying slightly more to get on the earlier 1145 Hrs ferry (as versus to us quening at the TurboJet Ticketing counter itself).

And so, off we head towards Macau!


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