Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 5 Macau Spectacular Part 2


Officially stepping foot into Macau territory.

We got a bit confused/dis-oriented upon reaching Macau due to having to go through Customs. At the Ferry Terminal, there are separate counters and quenes for HK/China Residents and Other Overseas Visitors (like myself). The Customs check did take a while due to the large weekend crowds (I see mainly Mainland Chinese) …… and upon leaving the Customs, there were quite a few drivers/guides touting to get you to engage their services. Grabbed a map from one of them and then we quickly ran to the taxi stand 😛

It was already close to 1 when we left the ferry terminal. Given that we landed at the Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal on Macau Mainland – we took a taxi from the terminal to Senado Square – our next target destination. Taxis in Macau are not expensive. The short 10 min journey cost us HKD30, which is around SGD5. Only glitch is that the taxi driver dropped us along the main road …… and we had to figure out directions which we eventually managed to do so with the help of passer-bys.

A bright sunny (and pretty warm) Sunday afternoon in Senado Square.


The fountain itself is the distinctive landmark and right smack in the centre of the town square itself. Interestingly, there was a red structure errected right behind the fountain – probably for the mid-autumn festival celebrations (although it does look spoiler-ish :P) ……


As I write this, also just found out that Senado Square is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage List, as part of the Historic Centre of Macau. Another UNESCO World Heritage site ticked off my ‘to-see’ list!

Decided to get some lunch first ….. and so we headed to Wong Chi Kei located in the row of shops right in Senado Square. Did some last min googling on the ferry ride and Wong Chi Kei popped up in most of recommended searches, thus an unplanned choice 🙂


True to its reputation as a established old Macau eatery (opened since 1946), we were greeted by throngs of people right at the narrow entrance and had to take a quene number. Our number was 25 …… which we figured will be quite a long wait of around 1/2 hour and so we decided to go to the money changer to change some money into MOP (local Macau currency) and do some gift shopping at the Koi Kei outlet in Senado Square.

20 min later (around 150pm), we got back to the shop front and saw that the number is already at 23. There was a minor confusion as the number board was not updated and they already ticked off number 25. Nevertheless it was all sorted out and we managed to get a table. The shop itself is 3 stories high, very simply decorated so minimal pictures of its interior 😛

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Here comes our food!

2014-12-25 19.00.13

Wong Chi Kei is well known for their signature bamboo pressed noodles and congee. Thus we ordered 3 of their main siganture dishes – Braised Noodle With Shrimp Roe (Dry), Crab Congee and Fried Wantons. Out of the 3 – we were MOST impressed with the braised nooddle. The saucing was done perfectly (not too heavy and not too light), the noodles thin and springy and with a firm bite and + generous amount of shrimp roe! We were saying that with some wontons together with the noodles, it will be even more shiok 😛 But still, this is definitely the best one I have ever tasted to date 🙂

As for the congee, we still found Chee Kei’s version better and more flavourful (this one was a bit too thick) while the friend wantons were not bad, but definitely didn’t have the wow quality of the noodles. SM says she will check out their other branch in Hong Kong (at Stanley Street) to see if the quality remains consistent across the board …… All in all, another satisfying meal! I also wrote a glowing review on tripadvisor as well, heh!

And it was more walking post meal …… The next monument we came across was the St. Dominic’s Church – a old style Portuguese Catholic Church. Loved the neo-classical yellow facade but we didn’t go in to explore …..


The very busy St. Dominic’s Square (part of Senado Square itself) further down from St. Augustine’s Church with throngs of people on a Sunday ……


Along the walk, we adjourned to a small corner where we spotted this old lady selling a type of salted egg pancake. Admire her strength and resilience in doing this indeed (as highlighted in a previous weekly photo challenge entry here). Managed to get a close up of the ‘money-shaped’ pancake as well ……


We also spotted bak kwa at one of the local shops along the way. We took a bite to try and unlike our Singaporean version, the pork used in the Macau style bak kwa is much thicker and oiler, greasier. They do not do compressed packaging, otherwise I would have bought one box back to Singapore to try ……



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