Same Thing All Over Again

10 days into the new year (2015) and 1/3 of the month is already over. It is pretty scary how time passes by in a whiz!

A pretty slow start to the new year this time round, in terms of getting my goals and various plans/resolutions going. On the work front, only really got back to work this week after taking the day off on 2nd January as it was a Friday.

Most significantly, after much hassling from client (said client gave me 2 calls on New Year’s Day itself and on last Sunday) …… the troublesome claim case has finally come to a conclusion/resolution and client is acceptable to the counter offer proposed by the insurer. Not a case closed but nevertheless a satisfying conclusion after the stress this matter has brought to me in what was a pretty bad Q4 last year (2014).

At the same time, followed up with a service call for a claims notification that came into my email on New Year’s Eve. Had a good catch-up cum chat with the client over phone and found out that apart from the broncoscopy (day surgery procedure) that he went for on Christmas Eve, he has more follow-ups scheduled! Sounds like a case of deja vu, since for the earlier case, it was from the broncoscopy and the subsequent tests done that my client was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Especially in the light of Subhas Anandan’s sudden passing just this week, increasing incidence of critical illnesses like cancer, kidney failure are the result of lifestyle choices (unhealthy diet, smoking etc.) …… and especially having read an earlier interview Subhas Anandan did sometime last year, it is definitely NOT TRUE that critical illness is something that is unlikely to happen for most. Neither is it true also that it is very easy to recover from treatments from critical illness and go back to work and things will remain the same like magic. Neither is it due to god’s will as well ……

Guess another resolution/goal to add on for year 2015 is to bring the focus back to emphasizing on having comprehensive healthcare protection (not just medical, but also major critical illnesses, disability income etc.) after putting it somewhat on the backburner for the past year where work activities are concerned.


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