Learn From Experience, Reflect, Review, Reboot

21 days into the new year (as today is 21st January 2015) …… It has been a pretty good start to year 2015 so far 🙂

After getting through a pretty stressful Q4 last year (2014) ‘fire-fighting’ and ‘solving’ issues here and there, am definitely thankful for the various positives and good tidings 21 days into January and into 2015 in all. And you definitely feel good when things start to feel right, and happen right!

In addition, it is constantly an ongoing challenge to keep building onto sustainable habits and making them permanent / for the long haul in the greater scheme of things. Just yesterday (or rather on Tuesday evening) …… the below happened.


Essentially I spent a good 4 hour odd on a simple piece of paperwork – when I have originally targeted to finish it 2 to 2.5 hours max so that I can leave office at 7pm as originally intended. Thinking through it as I blog this down now …… I was reminded of what we had discussed just earlier in the day (Tuesday morning to be exact) during PPI (weekly focus group) …… on the need to standardize and fine tune our daily work flow, right from meeting to fact find to preparation to implementation to post sales follow up.

So why did I waste time writing out the paperwork by hand when I should have right from the start use a type-written version (typing out the rationale is way faster than writing) – which was what I have been doing for the past few cases submitted. On average I took around 2-3 hours to complete everything when type-written …… so a lapse of judgement there and I should have stuck to my SOP (standard operating procedure) strictly – which is doing the more efficient method of type-writing the post sales paperwork right from the start.

Thus one major resolution / activity / habit (for year 2015 and beyond) that I need to consistently review and refine would be my financial planning processes and workflow – right from meeting to implementation to post sales paperwork/compliance and follow-up.


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