January Round Up: Fruitful & Foodful

Finally …… finally …… I managed to find some time to get down to some serious blogging/update tonight. Its a laptop-less Thursday (after 3 consecutive days of bringing back home my laptop …… AND doing NO WORK on it :P).

This is mainly a blog entry to re-look and reflect back on how the year 2015 started off, and how I have spent on January. As per the title of this entry, to sum it up, I am grateful that January was a fruitful (and relatively productive) month ….. and foodful came around as I sampled lots of yummy food 🙂

First things first, started off year 2015 with a new brand new hairstyle to welcome the new year! Chose to do it on Friday 2 January 2015, also my ‘self-declared’ off day. Anyway was quite tired of my usual long hair and so, decided that I wanted a good cut, and a Japanese stylist cut to be specific.

I had originally wanted to check out an up-and-coming Japanese run salon (Rise Hair Salon @ Gemmill Lane), only to find out online that it was quietly closed down. So searched for other alternatives as I was determined to get a fresh new haircut to start off the year ‘right’ with a brand new fresh look …… and sis randomly suggested checking out Shunji Matsuo @ JEM (Jurong East). After checking the price list online, given that they only charge $52 for a director’s cut (as versus to the $68 I previously paid at Jeric), I decided to just go for it! To cut things short, I got a cut slightly below shoulder length as recommended by the stylist, the experience was great and I’m really happy with my haircut as I no longer feel weighed down by my hair 🙂

Co-incidentally, SM had whatsapp the group this fowarded msg about the ‘good’ days to cut hair/change hairstyle for the new year, heh


On the work front, as mentioned in an previous entry, one longstanding claim dispute was finally settled and all parties are happy. The start of the new year also meant having new frameworks (notably LIA’s release of the Revised Critical Illness Definitions Framework), and new provider promotions ….. which meant many new product launches/re-launches ….. and attending many training/update sessions (easily averaging 1-2 providers updates per week, and that’s excluding the regular Monday focus group sessions). Opportunity to relook, and refocus my business on core protection needs 🙂

Also feels great to have managed to clear 1 long outstanding follow-up, and at the same time, have ‘lost’ prospects coming back into the picture. Pretty positive start for the 2nd half of my banding year so far, and for this momentum to keep going all the way through year 2015 (in terms of calendar year flow) as work is keeping my time filled, resulting in less time for drama watching/blogging …… but not in a bad way either lah so I’ll take it!

Still have quite some way to go, where bio-clock/time management is concerned. Save for one week (think its 2nd week of January) where my iPad alarm did not ring for 3 mornings consecutive, more or less I’m able to wake up quite naturally at around 0830 to 0930 (even on Saturdays and Sundays). The next step will be to really start sleeping earlier (around 12 to 1) with no computer distractions (realised that the radiation really gets to me when I bring home laptop and on it to do something, and it affects the quality of my sleep as well) ….. and target an earlier wake up time of say 0630 to 0730 in order to enjoy nice breakfast outside (hope to do this once a week) and to start off morning workouts/runs for practical training reasons.

And of course, tasted lots of yummy food, making January a ‘foodful’ one. Got to revisit the famous Tai Thong Prawn Noodles (River South Hoe Name Prawn Noodles), visited (and re-visited) within the space of 1 month Chop Lian Hin (a small and underrated tze char place in Teban Gardens) …… re-visited Teppei (this time round for their famed Bara Chirashi, as well as their tempura), re-visited Beng Hiang @ Amoy Street for their famed Hokkien dishes …… and satisfied some local cravings (notably the fishball noodles @ Tiong Bahru Market Stall 44), favourite fish slice noodles in black bean sauce @ An Ji (Chinatown Market) etc. …. as summed up in the collage below. More foodie adventures to come in February 😀






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