EPIK Overload: Umbrella

Had meant to write up an music entry on Epik High since June last year but that entry still remains in the drafts folder as of today 😛

All in all, Epik High was one of the very few KPop artists that I really listened to in the past year as the KPop fad continues to thumb down. Started off with their older material (Pre-YG) period and boy, they did so much representative and classic work, which gives them their place in KPop pre-Hallyu time (before year 2009) ……

Starting with their major breakout hit – Fly (2005), other fast tempo classics such as Fan (2007) and One (2008). Despite coming from hip hop underground land, I would actually consider them more mainstream – in terms of mixing genres (hip hop with dashes of pop rock as versus to hardcore hip hop) …… but the main differentiator in their music versus similar hip hop acts would be their lyrically powerful lyrics – courtesy of Tablo. Tablo is simply a lyrical genius 😛

Feeling slightly melancholy of late, so have been replaying Umbrella over and over again, whether in the office (when working) or back at home when lying down on my bed. Emo-Epik High is also a nice change of pace ……

Umbrella was not exactly a title track under the Pieces, Part 1 album (2008), but definitely one of their most signature emo-ballads, made even better with Younha’s featuring. Found an english subtitled version to share here (rather than the better quality original version from CJ E&M) as their songs are best appreciated when you understand the meaning behind their lyrics …… and their intelligent way of telling a story behind hip hop beats 🙂


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