Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 5 Macau Spectacular Part 5

The show finished around 630pm. Since there was quite a bit of time to boot, we decided to take the free shuttle bus to The Venetian Macao!

(Note: As much as The Venetian was right across the road from City of Dreams, given the size of the properties, walking is not exactly a time effective option. Furthermore, the shuttle bus services are all FREE :P)


This is an almost exact replica and closely modelled after the original Venetian (in Las Vegas).

2015-02-19 14.57.32

The place is really big! Our key objective was to locate the Lord Stow’s Bakery Cafe outlet located within The Venetian, and it was literally a walk from one end of the building to another 😛

2015-02-19 15.01.39

Noted that the cafe is quite small, and given that there’s not much variety in the cafe menu (after all, they are most famous for their egg tarts), we decided to pack the egg tarts and eat it in the casino 😛 …… We ended up nibbling 2-3 tarts whilst in the casino and yums, it was easily hands down one of the best egg tarts (Portugese style) that I have ever tasted in my life 🙂

Back to spending more time (and money) at the Casino. Venetian’s casino is really much bigger in terms of scale as compared to the City of Dreams we visited earlier …… and of course, on a totally different level from our integrated resorts (IR) in Marina Bay and Sentosa respectively.


Around 830 …… we decided to call it a night at the casino and catch the ferry back to the Hong Kong mainland. Given that it was a Sunday, and crowdful of China tourists and weekend revellers from Hong Kong …… we had to wait for 3 shuttle buses to pass us before finally boarding one to get back to the ferry terminal.

Spotted another major resort – Galaxy Macau whilst waiting for the bus. Loved the way the building is lighted up in the night (would have been even nicer without the ongoing construction right in Cotai Strip) ……


Since it was a Sunday with a HUGE weekend crowd, the ferries are running at full capacity. We reached back to the Ferry Terminal around 9.05 to 9.10pm. The earliest available ferry we could get on is the 10pm ferry ….. and only Super Class seats were left. Since SM has to work the next day, we paid HKD200 more (around HKD385) to get the Super Class tickets for 10pm. Did more biscuit shopping at the waiting area prior to boarding.

Going on Super Class means that there is an lounge for us to wait and board the ferry first (priority boarding). Also enjoyed more legroom + a complimentary meal which came timely (the only food we had after the show was the egg tarts).



All in all, the Super Class tickets are definitely worth their money and I will strongly recommend to pay the extra amount for a more comfortable experience/ride (especially if you are going to take a long day trip to Macau and back).


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