Food Mission 2015: Roma’s Deli

It has been quite a while since I have written a food entry. Whilst January was still a good month (where food is concerned), however I have not been checking out as many new places as I would like 😛

Recently, I ended up dining again at Roma’s Deli, located at Shaw Towers. It has been a good one and a half years since I have been there post office shift to Shenton Way …… and since I ended up at the Bugis area (after going to the ATM at Bras Brasah), and having the ‘motivation’ to want to eat healthier, decided to pay Roma’s Deli a visit as they are vegetarian 🙂

Technically, they are a Vegetarian cafe serving Italian cuisine. And their food is quite suitable for strict vegetarians too, as they do not use eggs, garlic and onion as part of their ingredients. Moreover, with the huge variety of pastas, baked rice, pizzas, sandwiches and soups, at first glance it doesn’t come across as a vegetarian restaurant until you take the 1st bite of the food. I myself have actually thought of them as a normal Italian cafe until I took my 1st bite as well, heh.

Ordered the lunch set as always. For around $9 (actual price is $8.30 or $8.90 I think, can’t recall), you get a garlic bread, soup, and a main dish. Whilst water is free flow.


Appetizer – Mushroom Soup + Garlic Bread.

I really love their Mushroom Soup! Unlike many cafes which serve canned campbell soup style mushroom soup (which tastes watery and full of MSG), you can taste the tiny mushroom bits in the soup, which means that it is authentically freshly made mushroom soup.


Main Course – Baked Seafood Rice

Their one and only main course I have tried in Roma’s Deli 😛

I first tried it (somewhere in year 2010/2011 I think) thinking that its seafood baked rice, only to take 1 bite of the ‘prawn’ and realizing it is vegetarian prawn. Anyway I like the feel of the rice (think they use Australian rice) as it doesn’t lump together despite being baked, and the amount of cheese used is just nice (without being too cheesy). And yeah, the ingredients (prawn, fish, bacon etc.) are all vegetarian and made from soy.

Given that I really like their Baked Rice (definitely one of the better ones I have tried, irregardless of whether its vegetarian or non-vegetarian), their Baked Rice is the one item I never fail to have whenever I come by Roma’s Deli. Whilst googling for reviews online as I write this entry (noted that Roma’s Deli is probably not that well reviewed), I did note from the few reviews that I have come across that their Baked Rice is considerably a lot better than their pizzas and spaghetti/pasta mains. In fact I brought JA once here for lunch …… and she ordered the pizza and mentioned that she found it only average (guess she is a fussy eater as well).

So I suppose its intuitive that I stick to their Baked Rice after all 🙂


Roma’s Deli
100 Beach Road #01-23
Shaw Towers
Singapore 189702
Tel: 6293 4585

Mondays To Thursdays – 1200Hrs to 2030 Hrs, Fridays To Saturdays – 1200Hrs to 2100Hrs, Sundays 1200Hrs to 2030Hrs


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