Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 6 Going Home Part 1


Last day of my holiday!

My flight back to Singapore was an afternoon flight (flying off at 4-plus) …… which leaves me some time in the morning and early part of the afternoon to finish off some shopping before heading to the airport.

Bye bye to my ‘home’ for the past 5 days ……



Targetted to leave the apartment around 0930 Hrs and cab to Hong Kong Station to do a Airport Express check-in before proceeding with the rest of my intended agenda. The wait for a cab was an exhausting one in the hot weather though. Waited a good 20-odd min (with my luggages in tow) before eventually going downslope and finally getting a cab at Caine Road for that short ride to Hong Kong Station. Thinking about it now, I may be better off doing a slow slow walk down the Mid-Levels escalator and onto the overhead bridge leading to Hong Kong Station instead, Ha!

Nevertheless, got to do my Airport Express check-in (Note: this service is only available for major commercial airlines like Cathay, SQ ….. and not for the budget carriers like Tiger and Jetstar). Quite busy even at 10-plus in the morning!


Got the check-in done and decided to go to the Tim Ho Wan @ B1 for a hearty dim sum breakfast since I only managed to have a char siew bun only from Tim Ho Wan throughout the trip. But the quene is such a damper :S


Managed to find a corner Maxim outlet for a quick breakfast instead. Unfortunately, both sandwich and coffee were mediocre :S

2015-02-22 21.40.03

Guess something to fill the tummy is better than none! Look foward to having something tastier when I get to Causeway Bay in a while 😛

While walking through the underground linkway from Hong Kong Station (IFC side) to get to Central MTR side (in order to get to Causeway Bay), spotted 3 huge Manulife billboards (work-related, I know). Manulife has a huge market presence in Hong Kong and I really liked the way they have designed the billboard to make retirement planning visually appealing and easy to understand/relate to ……

Processed with Moldiv

Power of advertising continues upon reaching Causeway Bay MTR. This is the huge Maxim billboard that I have been seeing continously throughout my trip 😛

Processed with Moldiv


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