Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 6 Going Home Part 2


Left Causeway Bay MTR Station and decided to get to my next planned destination – Wing Kee. Am pretty keen to check out this very much raved about pushcart noodles before I leave Hong Kong …… and thought this might make a pretty good early brunch after my less than satisfactory breakfast.

First, gotta look for the address, as the outlet is located at Sugar Street (one of the many small streets within Causeway Bay).


Directions given were to turn at Yee Wo Street ….. which is the road further down left after exiting Causeway Bay at the Sogo Exit. Got onto Yee Wo Street ….. but kept walking until I ended up at Jardine side. Had to google map quite a bit before realizing that Sugar Street was just right after the pink bridge. Ahh …. the pink bridge was the landmark 😛

So finally got onto the right street after 15 min of walking to and fro ….. only to find that Wing Kee is closed. None of the reviews which I managed to google online mentioned that it will be closed on a Monday, sigh. So much after all that walking :S


Walked away in disappointment …… and decided to head back towards the direction of Sogo. As I was walking back towards Sogo, I realised that Park Lane Hong Kong is on the same side of the street as well …… and that in one of my quick researches done prior to trip, RIVA and The Deck is located right on top of Park Lane itself. Arghh, totally missed out on that when I was in Causeway Bay the Friday before (could have gotten myself drinks and enjoy the sunset lah!)!

Nevertheless, since I was already in the vicinity, no harm going up to take a look 😛 + Needed a toilet break as well. Took the lift right up to the 27th floor, and found the place. Was open to have an early lunch here, only to find out from the restaurant captain that they only start operating at 12 noon. The captain was nice enough to let me (and a few other tourists who also came up to take a look) to walk through the restaurant and to the outdoor deck for a panoramic view of the Hong Kong harbour and to take some pictures, heh!

2015-03-05 00.02.22

The outdoor deck wasn’t too big (rectangular shape at best) with a couple of seats. But pretty cosy.

2015-03-05 01.31.30

The panoramic views from the outdoor deck itself not only gives you a clear bird’s eye view of the Hong Kong harbour (facing Kowloon) …… at the same time, you can also see the Hong Kong Yacht Club and Victoria Park/Causeway Bay Sports Ground on the left corner. As you can see, it is a nice clear day, where the sky is a nice blue, with fluffy clouds in the sky. What is less apparent is the above 30 celsius temperature, a pretty hot and sticky day once again.

Time to go as I have gotten the million dollar views and the pictures I wanted. I’ll definitely be back to watch the sunset and to sip a cocktail in my next trip 😀

As I left Park Lane, I realised that Ikea was also located in the building itself, at the shopping arcade corner. Got back to Sogo B2 Basement to do my foodstuff shopping (before the peak crowd trickles in at 12 noon). Got the Maxim Mooncakes (2 boxes of their famed custard mooncake, which I set out to buy this trip as it is literally mooncakes galore all over Hong Kong) …… and the usual wife biscuits from Hang Heung (unlike the pre-packaged ones from Wing Wah which can be found at the airport, the ones from Hang Heung are freshly baked at their Yuen Long main factory, thus can only hand carry).

It was close to 1135 Hrs when I left Sogo. With 2 heavy shopping bags, a sling bag and one more small bag (bro’s filter) in tow, decided to have an early lunch nearby Causeway Bay (as versus to taking the MTR/tram to Wan Chai) before going back to Central. Thus Hysan Place – strategically and conveniently located right across Sogo, became a very convenient choice. Furthermore, its air-conditioned 😛

Since I was in Hysan Place, decided to check out Ho Hung Kee for lunch. Did not really plan to visit Ho Hung Kee …. only for it to end up as the one and only Michelin Star rated (officially that is) eatery that I would visit throughout this trip.



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