Re-Looking At My 2015 Goals & Plans

As always, time files in a whirl. We are already 2 months past year 2015 (too fast to be true) …… and into the 3rd month (already 8 days into March *gasp*) …… and very soon, the end of a quarter to year 2015.

Rather than doing the same old – which is writing down my goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year (as always) …… go through the year …… and evaluate/reflect on what I have achieved come year end, and the whole cycle repeats again. This time round, in view of a rough 2014, the first thing I have decided for myself is that I need to stop having fear/limiting beliefs inside me …… and really get down to work on the life I desire. In short, making things happen and living life meaningfully and purposefully.

Thus I am starting to inculcate the habit of reviewing my daily goals (and progress) on a more daily and regular basis to keep on track. Think of it this way, doing a periodic review in March will enable me to change some strategies/activities rather than just coast through the year before wondering what happened come year end.

The key here is to overhaul my old (and not so good) habits, and build new ones ground up. Sounds daunting …… but came across a great personal development website – Personal Excellence lately that gave me a lot of new practical insights. And I have started reading majority of the stuff there, and incorporating some of the useful tips and ideas there into my daily living 🙂

Specific Issues I need to address – Procrastination. Majority of my problem is fear based. From there, I have moved on to reading the series on Goal Setting & The ESPER Framework this week as my intended personal developement reading. Some pretty mind-blowing stuff there that really throws a lot of conventional theories (and beliefs) about goal setting right out of the window.

Previously, I have written about S.M.A.R.T goals. Come to think about it now, S.M.A.R.T goals at best touches things at the tip of the surface. Its easily to write down goals ….. but what really matters is the doing/taking action. And of course, we cannot take action like a clue-less chicken. As Celestine Chua (author of Personal Excellence) puts it, Strategy is the key to successful goal achievement. We are talking about specific plans/activities relevant to the desired end result/outcome is required. And also, regular reviews and progress checks from time to time to tweak and perfect the strategy/action plan.

I have taken some time out this weekend (particularly today) to start working on my ESPER Goal Plan …… and going through the framework step by step, and as detailed as possible. Went through Step 1 – Establish earlier – which was all around jotting down my objective goals and activity goals as specific as possible, and most importantly, to be in line with my vision/life purpose for myself. Wow! Just simply making the distinction between objective goals (the end in mind/desired result) and activity goals sounds simple, and yet its really powerful …… as it breaks down clearly what are the key actions (the actual doing part) and what the action leads to. Like for instance, be healthy (objective goal) versus lose 10 kg (activity goal).

Step 2 – Strategy and Step 3 – Planning will address in more detail on what exactly I need to do. This is an exercise that takes A LOT of time as a lot of in-depth and detailed think through is required. Am prepared to invest the time and effort to do so …… as my end goal is to rebuild my habits and belief system long-term (and not having some short term quick fix) to be a better me 🙂


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