Thoughts On The Go

Getting a blog entry whilst MRT-ing to office!

Managed to get a run in last night after missing out on a run on Tuesday evening (as usually planned). Got back home pretty late (more on that later) & pretty shacked out …… And so decided to tweak things a little & switch up my routine by giving my usual Thur Spin Class a miss today 😛

Whilst doing my slow walk/run last night (and trying out my new shoes at the same time) …… a thought suddenly hit me with regards to a small little incident earlier in the day. Aiya, once again this person is being fake!

Why do I say that? You don’t come by my desk asking about something that has ALREADY been resolved and PRETEND to show concern and ask anything of help. In the 1st place, there is ZERO need to put up such a facade as I do not even need you to be in the picture to resolve the issue! In fact that the last status update by the staff I/C stated clearly in plain simple English that issue has been resolved by getting insurer to reprint. Never read emails properly never mind, by pretend to be all concerning means you are adding value? Please wake up your idea!!



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