Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 6 Going Home Part 3


Some background on Ho Hung Kee. Apart from their one michelin star rating, its founder Ho Wing Fong used to be a disciple of Mak Woon Chi (of Mak’s Noodles – the very outlet that begin it all where Hong Kong’s wanton noodles are concerned). Talking about legacy planning, Ho Wing Fong’s son has branched out himself to open up the Tasty Congee & Wantun Noodle Shop 正斗粥麵專家 – you may have seen Tasty outlets at IFC and the Airport Departure Lounge as well.

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They used to be located at Sharp Street before escalating rentals in Causeway Way (considered one of the world’s most expensive places for commercial real estate) resulted in their move to their current Hysan Place outlet. Read about it here …… Being in more sparkly surroundings in Hysan Place (right down pat to the mind boggling gold prints that dominate the walls of the shop itself) also means higher prices as compared to a stand-alone shop front like Mak’s or Tsim Chai Kee 😛

My early lunch ……

2015-03-10 14.48.44

Ho Hung Kee is known for its signature wanton noodles, stir fried rice noodles with beef (i.e. friend beef hor fun dry version) and congee …… but for god knows what reason (I don’t know myself :P) …… I ended up ordering their dry tossed noodles with wanton that cost me around HKD80. Having ate a really good and shiok dry noodle in Macau just the day before, this version pales a lot in comparison (to be fair – there was no shrimp roe in this noodles).

But at least I ate in a Michelin star restaurant. Haha!

After my lunch, did a slow walk down the building with all my bags/barang barang from level 12 (12F). Ended up walking into a bookstore – eslite that spans 2 storeys (levels 8 to 10) …… and walked around a bit.

2015-03-11 11.32.13

All in all, Hysan Place is pretty big, with many retail outlets and food outlets, and its wide spaces make the place a good one to explore. Furthermore very strategically located right opposite Sogo (which is always perpetually crowded). Will love to explore Hysan Place more in my future trips, heh ……

As there is still time before getting to the airport (target to reach around 3-plus) ….. decided to take a tram back to Central area. As the tram stops right at the main road, it makes a easier walk around Central as versus to navigating the underground walkways linked to the MTR station.

Back at busy Central, its close to 1pm, where throngs of office workers are out for lunch!


Walked back into the twisty small streets in Central …… and the next mission is to hunt down the legendary egg tarts at Tai Cheong – whcih is located at Lyndhurst Terrace.

While I am aware that Lyndhurst Terrace is 1-2 streets further up from Wellington Street (based on memory), it proved to be a pretty tough find as I spent a good 20 min walking up and down, and trying to figure out where exactly Lyndhurst Terrace is!! Recalled that Tai Cheong is located quite near the Central Mid Levels Escalator itself but I guess carrying multiple bag loads of stuff + walking up and down steep roads tires one out faster and you can’t think properly as a result 😛 …… Turns out its just round the corner from Gage Street (near Lam Fong Yuen) after all!

2015-03-13 18.52.52

My original intention was to buy a box and hand carry back to Singapore (hence going at this hour as versus to doing it earlier in the morning while on the way to Hong Kong Station). However with after the twisting and turning to find the place, plus already having a lot of bags (and with more things yet to be bought), changed my mind about getting a box back to Singapore …… and instead bought just one egg tart to try for myself. It was a good egg tart, yes without doubt as the crust is buttery and crispy (without being flaky), while the custard is sweet and creamy …… but somehow or another, it did not wow me as much as the Lord Stow’s egg tart I had the day before in Macau 😛

After my quick egg tart break at the bench near the escalator at Wellington Street (where Tsim Chai Kee is) …… walked back down to Yung Kee and got the century eggs. Trudged on with the even heavier load of bags now (now that I have an additional 3 boxes of century eggs) and walked down to IFC and to Lane Crawford to do one last search of a limited Jo Malone perfume for S (sold out already) before heading off to the airport.

Instead of getting onto the Airport Express straight at Hong Kong Station, itchy fingers me decided to hop onto the yellow line (Tung Chung line) instead and took 1 stop to Kowloon. Would have loved to have afternoon tea at Sky100 (ICC) and/or at Ritz Carlton (right on top of ICC) but given that it will be quite a bit of walk to get to ICC from Kowloon Station/Elements Mall ….. there is no time for it. Contented myself with going up to Union Square for a brief look see.

2015-03-13 20.48.59

Union Square (on top of Kowloon Station and Elements Mall) is surrounded by various high rise condominiums and hotels (W Hotel) and ICC. There were also a lot of property agents stationed there while I was snapping away on my camera 😛

And so, this marks the end of my trip as I hop onto the airport express at Kowloon to head onward to the airport, and back home to Singapore!


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