May Day Long Weekend ‘Madness’

Had good intentions for a glorious long weekend (which is also the last one until National Day comes about) where plans included

1. A much needed workout – after ear achne troubles earlier in the week that threw my schedule/daily structure into complete disarray

2. Catch up on some work (follow up & planning for May activities) – after full day training on Thursday

3. Try out a nice café/restaurant over the long weekend

4. Finally get on to some holiday planning for 2nd half of 2015 – Japan revisit!

5. Catch up on my blogging (have a target blog schedule in mind)

6. Read more – decline in reading correlated with the downward spiral in motivation (personal observation and something to pull the plug on)

Ended up doing none as a good part of my time was spent trouble-shooting internet browser errors – Chrome (my regular browser since year 2015 so far) suddenly hanged and couldn’t connect to the internet upon restarting (connection error). And ended up spending a good part of my Saturday and Sunday (today) deleting ….. and re-installing ….. and deleting …… and re-installing Chrome, Firefox (also has a slow start up problem) over and over again, to the point I start to feel really sick!

Just when I thought things are picking up going into a brand new month, this minor blip/setback/irritation has to come in and dampen my mood further :S

Finally decided (as I’m writing this) to make do with using IE (less preferred browser) rather than wasting more time and headspace figuring out how to get chrome working again!

Its time I really start building a life that I do not need to take a holiday from! No more excuses!

** P/S: will insert in the poster once I find it in my iPad photo album 😛

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