Head On

Has been a busy 2 weeks start into May since my last entry where I talked about getting over my health issues (ear achne / infection) and my laptop issues (decided eventually to un-install chrome for now …. and re-install it another time).

With the suspension of Mon PPI since mid-April, it’s a ‘new’ set routine to get used to as well. The routine/schedule that I have attempted to set for myself got a bit ‘lost’ with this change …… as I no longer have my traveling time on Mon mornings to review & set my weekly activity/goal plan. In fact, I no longer wake at 830 …. and get to office by 11 on days with no meetings (a result of my erratic sleep patterns lately).

And so, my goal for the past 2 weeks is to get back to a consistent routine as much as possible 🙂

And it was only until last night when it hit me that the ability to have a proper & restful sleep is something myself have taken for granted. Thanks to the hot weather …… I have not been sleeping well for the last 2 weeks – either I can’t sleep till 3-4 in the morning, or I wake sweating & grouchy, and end up adjusting the fan to a stronger speed and going back to bed again & sleeping in. Same nonsense again this week, woke up on Monday morning grumpy & grouchy with only 4 hours (net) of sleep. Not a good way to start the week man …… and ended up sleeping 9 hours on Monday …. and only to sleep 4 hours again on Tuesday. A terrible sleep cycle indeed :S

And trust me, my 1 hour post dinner nap never felt better! (Note: couldn’t get back home to nap in the afternoon after my meeting as I needed to go back to office to finish up a switch trade for client, since my laptop was in office) ……

All things else, everything else (work/business plans & targets, personal goals, holiday plans, scheduled blogging updates) is all about getting back on track and going head on all the way till 2nd half of 2015!


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