Food Mission 2015: Imakatsu

No lack of foodie adventures despite a lack of entries in April.

Imakatsu is a tonkatsu restaurant that I tried a few weeks back (somewhere in mid April). Prior to my visit, it was reviewed online by a couple of food bloggers to accoldales along the lines of Singapore’s best tonkatsu. So this pique my curiousity and desire to check out this place ….. and happy to say, managed to tick off yet another restaurant on the ‘must-try’ list, heh!

And so here I come to Star Vista on a weekday night after finishing work for a lil mid-week ‘perk-me-up’ cum treat (read: nice dinner) 😛



Very nice modern looking decor, and pretty spacious outlet as well.


The sauces – one is the sweet/sour sauce for the tonkatsu …. and the other is the sesame sauce intended for the shredded cabbage. The shredded cabbage (which is unlimited fill) tastes a lot better mixed with the sesame sauce. However Imakatsu does not do the self-mix sauces option unlike what I had at Katsukura back in Kyoto.


Given that Imakatsu freshly fries the meat (chicken/pork), this meant a good 20 min wait for my tonkatsu. Spent the time enjoying my cabbage + doing some editing on the VSCOCam app on my phone. Thought this would be nice in black & white / monochrome style.


And finally my food is here! Although the menu does have chicken tonkatsu as well (for people who do not take pork), but being at tonkatsu restaurant – I would of course order their signature premium pork loin cutlet set. As mentioned in the menu itself, Imakatsu actually uses the premium quality pork originating from Kagoshima – which is more juicy, tender and sweeter in taste.

I usually opt for the loin meat (with a tinge of fat) as versus to the fillet meat (some may prefer this if they do not like to have fat in their meat). It doesn’t look like a huge portion of meat (ordered the smallest portion), but I guess tonkatsu is more of a feel good comfort food where it is best appreciated by NOT downing down humongous portions of it.

To the pork loin proper – it is very crispy and tender. Unlike some tonkatsu’s where they go heavy on the crumbs to make it more crispy and crunchy to the taste, Imakatsu’s version comes across as more delicate, due to the thinner crust. Overall, like a well-fried tonkatsu should be – it is not oily and you won’t feel guilty eating it (despite it being fried). And the most important requisite of a good tonkatsu – quality of the pork/meat.

And finally, a restaurant that serves Suntory Premium Malt – which goes well with the tonkatsu. Will order that next time when I feel like spending on a beer!

Unlike the more popular tonkatsu restaurants in town such as Tampopo, Ma Maison, Tonkichi, Ginza Barin …… Imakatsu in comparison is a lot more under the radar, which seems to have quietly sprouted up in Star Vista. But thanks to blogger reviews, I got to check out another genuinely Japanese quality restaurant in Singapore. I suppose its more of Imakatsu’s understated style (given that they only have 2 outlets in Japan before expanding to their 1st outlet overseas right in Singapore) and letting its food do the talking instead.

A must try if you are in Star Vista.


The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange #01-17
Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 6694 6148

Opening Hours
Lunch : 11.30am – 3.00pm
Dinner : 5:30pm – 10:00pm



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