Out With The Old Comes The New

A quick blog entry to end off my Sunday!

Had 2 major purchases in the 1st half of 2015.

1st a new pair of birkenstocks at the beginning of the year (around CNY period). This was sort of unplanned purchase as the previous pair I was comfortably wearing (from mid 2012 onwards) as the sole came off (either due to constant wear or the shoe ‘knocked’ onto something, thus bursting open the bottom part) …… and so bye bye to my beloved birkenstock (which I finally threw it away earlier in the evening after leaving it in the shoe cupboard for the past 5+ months :P) ……


And here comes a new pair …. Papillio series rocks!


The 2nd major purchase for 2015 (1st half) is the current Garmin Forerunner 15 that I am using for both running & daily use right now.

The previous Garmin 110, which I bought way back in year 2010 when I got in to training for my 1st marathon, had served me well for a good 4 years + (with 1 change of strap in between as the stopper broke), until the strap started to break (the rubber seems quite fragile, TBH).


It got quite bad to the point that I have to use rubberbands to hold the straps together (see picture) as both stoppers broke. In addition, the GPS started to get wonky as well, as it took rather long to start up and get location. Once the strap broke, even when I tried to use main face itself for timing purposes (on a run) – the GPS inside went haywire as well. So time for an upgrade 🙂

Tried running with RunKeeper on my phone for a while, before finally getting a replacement watch. Needed it before my 2XU Run at end March (which ended up being postponed due to Lee Kuan Yew’s state funeral) and thanks to the IT Fair back in mid-March, I finally managed to get a new (and in my opinion) superior watch – the Garmin Forerunner 15!


Its smaller, lighter, sleeker, and brighter (in purple). Not only that, as the salesperson mentioned, with increased market share in Singapore (as a result of the increasing popularity of such sports devices) – the support has also improved significantly as compared to 4-5 years ago and I can now get replacement straps at Courts handily!

Best of all, the price point. This only cost me $199 …… as compared to the $380-odd (can’t remember the amount anymore) I paid for the 110 4-5 years ago!

So really, shopping aside, sometimes, we have got to leave ‘the old’ behind and embrace/look forward to ‘the new’ and something better going forward into the future. Apply this analogy to life in general and it works the same too 🙂

That’s it for my Sunday thoughts.


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