Pretty shitty week …… but thank god for the long weekend to make my week a lot better than how it started!

As how things are with daily life, there are times where you experience highs (to the extent of extreme highs even) …… followed by a lull and a period of down.

After a busy week (previous week i.e. July Week 1) that ended off with helper/sister duties at Z’s wedding and trying to recover as much sleep as I could (as the day started early on Saturday morning) …… Monday had to begin sleepily, followed by my wallet being stolen. Yes, there’s a office thief in broad daylight! Mine was the 2nd (while a Samsung Note 4 was stolen the week before + a purse was also gone the same Monday). Really bad luck!

The only positive I could draw from this thief incident is that my NRIC was left intact as I took it along with me to the training room for purposes of ‘marking’ my attendance. So there was only a police report left to make + having to cancel all bank cards (as a precaution). Apart from the comotion in the office (that a thief is and still remains at large) …… this incident definitely bummed me out and left me deflated …… to the extent I would prefer to see as little of the office as possible, and which was what exactly happened thoroughly the week as the ‘bad’ feeling still remains.

So this is pretty much a down week (with all the enthusiasm and ambitious plans down the drain). No matter what, still thankful that my NRIC is NOT lost, and that there was a long weekend (Hari Raya Puasa which fell on a Friday). After the events of the earlier week (plus another unpleasant incident where I was forced to apologise – less of a matter of right/wrong but I think some people need to learn to respect that I stick my ground pretty much on issues/stuff ….. this is not something they can attempt to take advantage and manipulate in their favour) …… chilling became top priority. Got to workout (overdue spin class after 2 weeks break) …… eat yummy food (didn’t manage to fit in cafe hopping though) …… catch up on dramas (started a new drama – Umechan Sensei + watched some proper tv on Starhub Ch 856 earlier in the afternoon) …… do some travel planning/reading/research (the best guilty indulgene when you feel the dumps at work) …… finish up a long overdue piece of work and follow-up!

And of course, bought a new wallet to begin things ‘afresh’. Not in the mood for goal setting exercise (for banding kickstart though) so will see about that later in the day ……


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