SG50 Jubliee Weekend – The Local / Singapore Food Edition

Another long weekend again. This time round its the SG50 Singapore Jubilee Weekend – where there was a Friday (7th August) given as a public holiday, followed by the Monday (10th August) after Singapore’s 50th National Day (9th August) which falls on a Sunday.

So long weekend becomes ‘catch-up’ time and a legitimate reason for less work (but still have work to catch up). Which also means some time to catch up on blogging 😛

Have 2 draft entries that I barely made progress on …… but since this is Jubilee Weekend, here comes the inspiration for some Singapore-related entries!

Since beginning of the year, I have been actively taking pictures of my various lunches with the view of doing a CBD lunch entry of sorts (but ended up somewhat abandoning the plan). I am someone who loves her local Singapore food …… and I’m perfectly happy having lunch/dinner at the hawker centre and coffeeshop (with the once in a while restaurant & exotic cuisine indulgence). Thus spent some time going through the pictures in my phone to compile some pictures of some of my favourite local Singapore food for this entry 😀

Decide to start from pictures taken from year 2015 onwards (as I only started using my current Samsung Note 4 late last year). I am mainly featuring food that is unique to Singapore (link: wikipedia entry on Singaporean cuisine) – and usually found in hawker centres, coffeeshops and food courts


This was from January 2015. From left to right – Tong Xin Ju Shanghai Dim Sum @ Maxwell Market (Guo Tie & Beijing Noodle) …. Ayam Penyent @ Shenton House …. Cold Soy Bean @ Long Ji (Tiong Bahru Market) …. Hui Ji Fishball Noodle @ Tiong Bahru Market …. Fish Slice Noodle @ An Ji (Chinatown) …. Fried Hokkien Mee @ Beng Hiang Restaurant …. Prawn Noodle @ River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles …. Pork Belly In Shrimp Paste @ Jem Foodcourt (a really unique Peranakan Dish I chanced upon).


This is from February to mid April. Me & D went for a CNY kai gong Ba Kut Teh lunch @ Outram Ya Hua – that was 2 bus stops away from our office. The soup was nice & peppery (without being overly peppery) but the portions were really small. I guess given their ‘legendary status’ from their original days at Duxton – where the Duxton HDB is now at, they have become so much more expensive.

There are also my usual lunch staples – Yuan Chun Lor Mee @ Amoy Food Centre and the Teochew Beef Kway Teow / Noodle @ Amoy Food Centre. Plus ocasional sinful indulgences – Fried Hokkien Mee & the famous Jian Bo Swee Shui Kweh @ Tiong Bahru Market …… Plus the really sinful Fried Oyster Omelette from the Bedok 85 branch stall @ Kovan Food Centre (Which in my opinion, is really one of the better oyster omelettes around. Since its already sinful, it’s better to go for a really good one as versus a mediocre one :P) . Of course, all balanced out with the famous mixed pork and intestines porridge from Hwa Yuen (also @ Tiong Bahru Market) – one of the smoothest porridge around town!


In more recent times, starting from bottom – Black Pepper Beef With Rice @ Pepper Bowl (Amoy Food Centre) …… a new favourite – Mini Steamboat Seafood Set @ New Hong Kong Congee (Amoy Food Centre) which in my opinion is a very underrated stall. Salted Egg Pork Ribs @ Chop Lian Hin (Teban Gardens) which is becoming my family’s new to-go place for weekend dinners for its homely and yet inexpensive tze char dishes …… Crayfish with Prawn Hor Fun @ Tuck Kee Ipoh Sar Hor Fun (Hong Lim Food Centre) and of course – Durians to top it off (as it was a bumper Durian season just back in June & July)!


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