SG50 Jubliee Weekend – Throwback: National Day Parade 2013

2nd National Day / SG50 follow-up post. Finally had some time to blog proper (decided to work from home today to focus on working on some strategic stuff) 😛

We had a spectacular NDP at the Padang this year, which ended off with some of the most spectacular fireworks displays in recent NDPs. This reminded me of my one and only experience of watching the NDP live at the Marina Bay Floating Platform 2 years back in year 2013. A lot less spectacular than this year’s SG50 celebrations, but still an experience as it is not easy to be balloted tickets successfully. After watching this year’s NDP on TV, it made me appreciate a lot more my ‘live’ experience back in 2013 …… thus this throwback entry!

IMG_5096 IMG_5097

Fireworks! As you can see, it is a lot less spectacular and smaller scale as compared to this year’s.


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