Food Mission 2015: Ryoshi Sushi Ikekeimaru

Rarely reviewed anything in the western enclave of Singapore (as I stay in the western part of Singapore aka Jurong) so decided to highlight this slightly underrated sushi/Japanese restaurant located on level 3 of Westgate (diagnonal from Ippudo).

Did not plan to eat here initially at here. But in the end, since J thought heading down to the spank ling new Capitol Piazza was quite a hassle, and we were already in Westgate, might as well just have lunch at Westgate. And Ryoshi Sushi Ikekeimaru since it serves a wide variety of Japanese food + J primarily wanted to have chirashi don 😛

We were the 1st customers, and in fact they opened their doors 5 mins later than the stated 1130 Hrs opening time due to the pre-opening staff briefing which took longer than expected. Only managed to get 1 picture of the interior, but overall it has a very nice spacious feel, with the tables not being overly cramped together.


The fish calligraphy as a wall mural stood out to me. In a way, it also reflects on the core food they serve (sushi, sashimi, chirashi don etc.) ……

No pictures, but they also have another open area outside of the unit to cater for more seating. Cool!


J was firm in wanting to have a Chirashi Don. This was salmon, prawn with avocado and roe donburi. It was part of a set that came with a bowl of udon as well. This set itself was around $15 to $18 …… and the donburi was quite a huge bowl i.e. regular size. Interestingly, they have a mini-size donburi as well (for smaller eaters and if you want to try their other dishes apart from just donburi).


I opted for a tempura udon as I had a craving for tempura 😛

Unlike most Japanese restaurant’s udon – which is usually round and thick, Ryoshi Sushi uses a thinner version instead, which is rather similar to the udon I had back in Kyoto. It was essentially just plain Udon with seaweed i.e. Wakame Udon. It looked initially plain, but the udon was really smooth, and the soup itself was tasty without being overly salty.  Portion was big as well and it was only around $11+! This gets my thumbs up – not only in times of taste, but also in terms of being value-for-money/pocket friendly (the udon place at Takashimaya Basement Food Hall is also priced similarly, but portions are much smaller) ……



The main reason why I had an ala-carte tempura udon rather than a set meal was so that I could check out the sushi – as their prime speciality is sushi. The blue plate (which I believe is either $1.20 or $1.80) is a tako (octopus) sushi done nigiri-sushi style (where the raw fish is over the rice). As the maguro (bluefin tuna) wasn’t too expensive (either $2+ or $3+ …. can’t recall), got a plate of that from the conveyor belt beside our table as well. The maguro gets my thumbs-up as well 🙂

In my view, I rate the sushi here superior to both Sakae Sushi and even Itacho (which many of my friends rave about, but I find them average at best). Their 1st outlet was actually at the basement of Liang Court, right beside Medi-Ya supermarket – which is usually crowded on weekends. Whereas due to the location in Westgate itself, even the manager himself also shared with me that the crowd is somewhat slower here as well. Hopefully more publicity and positive word-of-mouth will give this underrated place the buzz it deserves for serving great family style Japanese food that tastes authentic without burning a hole in your pocket!

While settling the bill at the cashier, the manager also shared with me that their parent company (Henry Bros) also has a few more offshoot restaurants with different concepts – such as Ginza Kuroson (at Robertson Quay, with another outlet to be opened at Ngee Ann City) and Sushi Kaishin (also at Robertson Quay). Never knew of this fact. So hope to check them out sometime in the future.



Ryoshi Sushi Ikekeimaru
3 Gateway Drive #03-05
Singapore 608532
Tel: 6369 9488

Daily – 1130 Hrs to 2200 Hrs (last orders at 2130 Hrs)

Original outlet back in Shizuoka, Japan –


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